The porterhouse steak, a veritable feast for meat lovers, includes both the tenderloin and a large section of the top loin, distinguishing it from the T-bone steak, which has a smaller section of tenderloin. However, the sheer size of this cut naturally pushes diners toward overeating, paving the way for eating much higher amounts of calories and fat in a single meal.

It also contains higher levels of protein, which can be considered healthy. However, individuals with kidney problems should approach this high-protein indulgence with caution because excessive protein intake is associated with an increased risk of chronic kidney disease, as proven by the results of a 2017 study.

While Porterhouse offers a leaner section with the filet, the sirloin portion brings with it a noticeable amount of marbling fat, which contributes to the dish’s high levels of saturated fat. This aspect, along with common preparations that often include butter or oil to enhance flavor, increases the saturated fat content, escalating potential health risks. This piece is best enjoyed with friends on festive occasions and not making it part of a regular daily meal.

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