11 best cuts of meat to serve at a dinner party

11 best cuts of meat to serve at a dinner party

Chicken wings are an underrated champion in terms of which cuts of meat to serve at your dinner parties. And the fact that these amazing meats are more or less limited to game day, sports bars, or a naughty night at home alone with your air fryer, well… it’s simply not true. Especially when you remember that not all dinner parties have to inherently emulate a fine dining event, so don’t be shy when it comes to serving some of America’s favorite foods at your next soiree!

To throw a great wing-style dinner, all you need are chicken wings and a recipe. After that, it’s as simple as choosing between crispy breaded chicken wings, fried (air-fried or otherwise), or perhaps smoked outside. Then there are the wing sauces, which can range all the way from island dessert to melt your brain hot, then back to the milder garlic-parmesan sauce, and on to a million other ways you can dress up a chicken drumstick or flat. However, it’s hard to beat a buffalo chicken wing served with a side of blue cheese and some celery sticks.

So, next time you have hungry masses to feed, think about chicken wings. It’s a casual cut of meat that’s easy to portion, can have lots of different types of sides, comes in every flavor you can imagine, and most importantly, is absolutely delicious.

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