11 flounder recipes for quick and easy dinners

11 flounder recipes for quick and easy dinners

Sweet, crusty flounder is a quick and easy fish to cook for weekend dinners (weekends too!). Its robust flavor and texture make it the perfect base for a variety of delicious dishes. Its mild taste tempts picky eaters — especially when made into fish sandwiches and tacos — and makes it a foil for stronger ingredients like Dijon mustard and fresh ginger. Our favorite flounder recipes show just how versatile and widely available this fish is. They include baked, grilled, baked, sautéed, fried and steamed preparations – there’s even one main dish that’s cooked in the microwave. So when you need to get dinner on the table quickly and you want it to be healthy, turn to flounder. It’s sure to become a staple in your rotation throughout the week.

Flounder in parchment with asparagus and shiitakes

Ryan love

Easy but elegant, we love the French technique of cooking halema, which is steaming food in a parchment paper tray in the oven. It’s a quick, hands-off, no-mess process – and best of all, you can prepare packages a day in advance.

Fish Po Boys

There’s nothing like a po’boy, the favorite New Orleans sandwich made with French bread and topped with lettuce and tomato. In the Big Easy, they’re made with all kinds of fried seafood, but when we make po’boys at home, we opt for fried fish—and cornmeal-crusted flounder is simply the best choice.

Fried fish with lemon

Sang An

This recipe uses any flat fish, such as sole or flounder. It’s a simple and easy setup but it’s loud. Lemon and almonds complement the delicate flavor of the fish.

Steamed flounder with vegetable couscous

Here’s a colorful and quick microwave meal of flounder with couscous, bell peppers, and zucchini. The couscous and vegetables are cooked first, then the fish is seasoned with Dijon mustard, each fillet is rolled up and steamed over the couscous.

Grilled fish with summer salad

Dinner will be ready in just 15 minutes when you prepare this colorful and delicious roasted dish. Thinly sliced ​​flounder cooks in a flash, giving you enough time to prepare a tomato, cucumber and corn salad to go with it. Serve with crusty bread for the quickest meal.

Grilled flounder with mustard

Another 15 minute entry! The combination of quick-cooking flounder and quick grilling is hard to beat. The yogurt, mustard and caper mixture is spread on the upper side of the fish before placing it under the broiler.

Fish with lemon flavor and parsley

This healthy meal comes together in just 25 minutes. Thin slices of flounder are steamed in white wine and served with wilted spinach and a quick relish of chopped lemon, parsley and capers.

Baked flounder with roasted tomatoes

The crunchy breadcrumb coating makes a great contrast to the tender flesh of the flounder fillets in this easy recipe. Dijon mustard flavors the fish and helps the breading stay in place while the fish cooks. Roasted plum tomatoes cook in the oven, but they take longer than fish, so you’ll want to start them first.

Fish cakes with peach sauce

These fish cakes are shaped like fish! You can shape them into rounds if you prefer, and you can use flounder or other white fish such as cod, sole or halibut. Don’t skip the peach sauce, it is a revelation. Sweet and unexpected it makes a great pairing with delicate fish.

Flounder with tomato and onion stew

Cherry tomatoes cook in no time at all, as do flounder fillets for this easy dinner—they’re on the table in 25 minutes, so start with some rice or couscous before making your appetizers.

Fish tacos

Dana Gallagher

Picky eaters who aren’t fans of big fish are tempted by these lightly flavored, flattened sticks served in tortillas with sweet chili sauce.

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