11 rules to remember when cooking steak tips

11 rules to remember when cooking steak tips

Seasoning food is a culinary art, but you don’t need an art or culinary degree to learn how to season meat when cooking steaks. Salt is usually part of your prep work, while herbs and spices are the finishing touch and are intended for garnish. Often referred to as aromatics, aromatics are edible garnishes that complement the meat rather than dominating the appearance of the dish.

Although some ingredients—including salt, pepper, flavorful herbs, and stronger spices—work well for cooking and finishing, delicate herbs and spices benefit more from rapid heat rather than being cooked. Aromatics provide instant pleasure to the taste buds through sight and smell. In a way, they are the stars of the show since the smell of the food reaches your nose even before you take a bite. Nothing triggers your hunger signals and gets your saliva pumping faster than a delicious-looking, great-smelling piece of meat.

Garnish the edges of the steaks with your chosen sauce, glaze, herbs, spices or salt after the meat is finished cooking but before removing it from the pan. Crisp herbs and freshly ground spices elicit intoxicating aromas and subtle flavors that can disappear or become bitter if too much heat is used. Likewise, light sauces are best served alongside steaks, whether for pouring or dipping.

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