11 Thanksgiving dinner recipes to make it easier

11 Thanksgiving dinner recipes to make it easier

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The stress of hosting the most magical feast of the year can be overwhelming especially if you’re not used to cooking for a large number of people, however, these basic recipes shared by your peers online should help relieve some of the stress.

Here are 10 recipes from some food and lifestyle creators to help make sure you’re…Hostess with the most” On Thanksgiving this year.

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1. Baked mac and cheese

Baked macaroni and cheese is a must at Thanksgiving spread for black people, and being the one to make it is an honor but don’t screw it up!

2. Candied potatoes

Candied potatoes and sweet potatoes are a centerpiece of Black American dinners across the country especially around the holiday!

3. Collard greens

Three words: Wash your greens!

4. Grilled meatballs

Jokingly known as “baby shower meatballs,” we love seeing them spread at any dinner!

5. Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potato pie is easily one of the best desserts to grace the table after a delicious dinner.

6. Cornbread dressing

Dressing up is an acquired taste that most of us love.

7. Mashed potatoes

Is it really Thanksgiving without a side of mashed potatoes?

8. Smothered green beans

Make sure you toss those beans like your grandma taught you!

9. Peach cobbler

Do I need to say more?

10. Türkiye

Obviously, turkey is the staple of most Thanksgiving dinners, and the key to making it juicy is a good brine!

11. Deviled eggs

Does a little egg sneak in while you’re fixing your dishes?

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