Fried Paneer Recipes: Do you want to eat paneer but don’t know what to cook? Are you looking for a vegetarian appetizer that you can prepare in 20-30 minutes? Tired of the same old snacks during tea time? We got you back! We’ve compiled a list of delicious snacks that you can easily prepare at home. Now, all of these paneer recipes are fried, so they are guaranteed to be fun and satisfying. From different types of pakora to creative dishes, there is a wide range to choose from. what are you waiting for? Check out the recipes below and find your next favorite recipe.
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Here are 12 amazing fried paneer recipes that you will enjoy:

1. Classic Paneer Pakora:

This is an all time favorite and will never let you down. Coat the paneer pieces with the spiced besan mixture and fry them well until completely golden brown. This fried paneer recipe is a lifesaver when you are running out of time. Here’s the full recipe.

2. Amritsari Paneer Pakora:

There are different ways to give a twist to classic paneer. One delicious option is the Amritsari version. The uniqueness of this fried snack lies in the addition of other types of flour besides besan. There are additional ingredients for flavor as well. Find the recipe here.

3. Tandoori Paneer Pakora:

This tandoori twist on regular paneer pakora is a must-try. More spices and tandoori masala are added to the besan mixture while preparing this dessert. You have to taste it at least once. Read the recipe here.

4. Paneer Chutney Pakora:

In this fried paneer recipe, the paneer pieces are brushed with a tangy hari (green) sauce before being put together. They are then coated in besan batter and deep fried. fascinated by? Click here for the recipe.
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5. Paneer Bread Roll:

Besides pakora, bread rolls are also a popular snack that you can enjoy during tea time. This version has paneer masaledar filling. Believe us, once you discover its deliciousness, you will want to make it again and again. Full recipe here.

6. Paneer Cheese Roll:

Cheese and paneer are a perfect match for foodies, and there are many recipes to prove it. If you want to try it in a unique way, we recommend Paneer Cheese Rolls. This fried snack may become a staple in your household. Click here for a step-by-step recipe

7. Paneer Golden Fry:

Need a quick fried paneer recipe? Then this will come to your rescue. It requires minimal ingredients and can be ready in just 10-15 minutes. You can pair it with any sauce or dip of your choice. Here’s the detailed recipe.

8. Paneer fingers:

Long and crunchy paneer sticks are a great choice to start the party. The fried paneer recipe is similar to the golden paneer recipe but contains more spices. Paneer fingers can also be served with several types of dips. Find the full recipe here.
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9. Paneer Popcorn:

You may have heard of chicken popcorn, but have you tried paneer popcorn? If not, you should try it. This version has desi flavors that you are sure to enjoy. Find the full recipe here.

10. Paneer Cheese Balls:

Combine the taste of paneer and soft cheese with this fried paneer recipe. These paneer cheese balls are bound to be a hit with the kids. But who’s to stop adults from indulging in it too? Here’s the recipe.

11. Paneer Corn Flakes:

Tired of snacks covered in bread crumbs? Then give the paneer a crunchy outer layer with the help of corn flakes. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It is sure to impress everyone who tries it as well. See if they can guess what was used for the paint. Read the full recipe here.

12. Paneer 65:

This is the vegetarian version of the popular South Indian dish, Chicken 65. Here, the paneer pieces are marinated and coated with different masalas before being deep fried. It’s the perfect choice when you get spicy cravings! Watch the recipe video here.
Don’t forget to save this list so you can refer to it when you’re planning a special meal or party menu.

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