13 vegan ingredients for charcoal bars

13 vegan ingredients for charcoal bars

It’s the right season to impress your loved ones with your snack bar organizing skills. You bring the vision to the sharing board, and we have the product ideas – it’s the perfect partnership. From crunchy pretzel braids and vegan steak to dairy-free cheese cubes and mixed nuts, check out these 13 must-have vegan ingredients!

Charcoal bars are never without crunchy ingredients, and we like to think outside of the traditional pretzel boxes with Stellar Snacks Pretzel Braids. Available in flavors like Bold & Herby (roasted garlic), Maui Monk (sweet Maui onion and monk fruit), and Simply Stellar (vegan butter and sea salt), Stellar Snacks’ vegan pretzels always put the sweetness in charcuterie! Get creative and enjoy these delicious snacks between slices of vegan delights and vegan cheeses.

Stellar snacks

Courtesy of Steeler Snacks

From vegan cheese blocks and pre-cut cubes to smoked cheese wheels and snack slices, GOOD PLANeT cheese is a must-have charcuterie board! Available in a wide range of styles and flavours, this eco-friendly brand will make your guests fall in love with your vegan snack bar from the first bite!

Good planet

Courtesy of Good Planet

What is a snack without meat? Vegetarian meat that is! Vegetable Veggie Slices are here to transform your charcoal spread! Made with vegetables and legumes, these better-for-you chips are an easy option. Choose from delicious Tuscan, Smokehouse, Mesquite BBQ, and Chipotle Chili brand flavors! You and your party guests will not be disappointed.

Plant provisions

Courtesy of Botanical Provisions

Ready to get your crunch? Make sure Mary’s Gone Crackers’ crunchy snacks are on your vegetarian plate! Choose the brand’s signature Original and Super Seed varieties or give your friends and family a delicious curveball with Cheezee and Real Thin crunchy varieties this season. You won’t be able to get enough of these crunchy, gluten-free cookies!

Mary went cracker

Courtesy of Mary’s Gone Crackers

You can catch us filling our board with plant-based meats, cheeses, pretzels, and crackers. But for a refreshing and colorful touch, I bet we’ll add fresh and dried fruit pieces! For a delicious fruity flavor, reach for RIND Snacks Skin-On Dried Fruit! Made with recycled ingredients, RIND Fruit Chews are a delicious, eco-friendly addition! We love the Straw-Peary and Orchard varieties.


Courtesy of RIND

Be sure to leave room on your plate for this popular vegan cheese brand! Made with organic, cultured cashew milk, these dairy-free cheeses are always a crowd pleaser. Miyoko’s fresh plant-based mozzarella and milk cheese wheels can be found in a variety of charcuterie-friendly flavors. We like to add a couple to our plates for delicious variety!


Courtesy of Miyoko

ICYMI: We can’t get enough of these nuts! And when you’re looking for a crunchy, nutrient-dense addition to your selection of beauty snacks, Rich Nuts is the brand for you! Pair the brand’s delicious cashews, cinnamon walnuts, maple pecans, or crunchy curried cashews with vegetables, plant-based meats, and slices of cheese.

Rich nuts

Courtesy of Rich Nuts

From dairy-free sour cream and goat cheese to vegan cream cheese and artisan wheels, Treeline has exactly what you’re looking for! When it comes to IG-worthy charcuterie boards, we say go for the brand’s aged artisan cheese. These wheels of aged cashew cheese add a firm, creamy consistency, and come in classic and cracked pepper varieties. We suggest one of each.


Courtesy of Treeline

Made with garlic, paprika, and fennel, Field Roast Pepperoni is a classic charcuterie board! These bold flavors pair well with mild vegan cheese and crunchy crackers in an adult ode to a nostalgia-filled brunch moment. Deli slices from Field Roast and cheese blocks from Chao Creamery also make great additions to snack bars.

Field roast

Courtesy of Field Roast

From wheat crackers and classic rounds to whole wheat crackers and multigrain flaxseed flatbreads, Back to Nature has the variety of crackers you’ve been looking for. All you have to do is choose your snack plate and Back to Nature has a crunchy dipper to match! And if you’re putting together a snack bar, be sure to pick up Back to Nature’s delicious selection of vegan cookies.

Back to nature

Courtesy of Back to Nature

Have you ever looked at a fancy vegetarian snack plate and thought to yourself, “You’re too much olive?” Because he is the same! If not, he might have been missing the Greek Olives. Available in perfectly sized packages, these pitted olives will add a subtle, salty kick of flavor to your charcuterie board.


Courtesy of OLOVES

When your snack plate needs an unforgettable cheese dip, be sure to check out our dairy-free Boursin cheese. Created in partnership with Follow Your Heart, this vegan cheese allows you and your guests to indulge your Boursin cravings in a cruelty-free way. You know we’d love to see it! You can find this indispensable ingredient at Trader Joe’s.


Courtesy of Boursin

To complement your perfectly coordinated charcuterie bar, you know we’re adding crunchy everyday nut snacks. Activated by soaking, these mixes are a nutrient-dense snack that belongs on your next snack plate! Right now, we can’t get enough of the brand’s Dill Pickle and Nashville Hot flavors.

Daily crisis

Courtesy of Daily Crunch

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