14 tips you need to prepare the best pesto sauce

14 tips you need to prepare the best pesto sauce

Although it goes by different names, pesto is similar to many other green sauces from around the world. International green sauces can be the inspiration for your own version. Perhaps the closest thing to pesto alla Genovese is a French pesto sauce made with fresh basil, garlic and olive oil (just like Ligurian pesto), but leaves out the cheese and pine nuts. The French use the sauce over pesto soup, also known as Provençal vegetable soup.

Frankfurter Grün Sauce, or green frankfurter sauce, hails from Germany. Blend seven herbs (cress, parsley, sorrel, chives, borage, chervil, and chard) with vinegar, salt, and sour cream. It is assumed that Italian or French traders brought the sauce to Germany as green sauces were not yet heard of there.

Peru has a cooked version of pesto originally brought over by Italian immigrants and transformed over the years into Talarín Verdes Peruanos, or Peruvian green pasta, which uses local cheese and milk and adds spinach to the basil. It is mixed with spaghetti and served with steak.

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