15 tips for cooking ground beef you’ll wish you knew sooner

Buying food in bulk has many advantages; Minced meat is no exception. Purchasing larger packages of ground beef is generally cheaper, thanks to manufacturers saving money on production and packaging costs. Buying larger amounts of ground beef at once also means you won’t have to walk all the way to the store when you need to use it in a recipe.

But ground beef, like other meats, seems to be a problem when you buy it in bulk, as people assume you need to use it all before it spoils or freeze it all in one big lump. Instead of doing any of these things, you can simply split the beef and freeze it separately.

Divide the ground meat into desired sizes, then place each one in a freezer bag. Push the meat down until it is relatively flat, seal the bag (squeezing out any air while doing so), and store each piece in the refrigerator. By doing this, you can simply pull out each portion as you need it – and flattening the meat will help save space and thawing time. You should aim to use frozen ground beef within four months, as it will start to lose quality after that. ‌

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