18 Best Vegetarian Dinner Recipes | 18 easy dinner recipes

18 Best Vegetarian Dinner Recipes |  18 easy dinner recipes

17 Best Vegetarian Dinner Recipes: Now, whether you’ve made a complete vegetarian resolution or you just want to mix it up, our collection of dinner recipes will make it tough to go meatless all week long. We bring you the 17 best vegetarian dinner recipes including ideas for quick weeknight meals and weekend stars. If you’re on the fence about dinner, we’ve got some delicious ways to incorporate protein, calcium, and other nutrients into your diet, plus great hacks to take plant-based cooking to a whole new level. Shed the misconception that vegan food is boring and let us take you on an exciting journey that is sure to please your discerning taste buds. Fortunately for you, going green saves time since vegetables cook faster than meat. (Vegetarians 1: Non-vegetarians 0).

Are you wondering how to include essential nutrients in your diet? Here’s help:

1. Build a balanced meal

Combine protein and fiber during dinner because it will help you feel full longer. Add some lemon juice or orange slices to your meals to increase the amount of vitamin C. Since you will refuse to eat salmon, eat flax seeds and walnuts daily which contain omega-3 fatty acids.

2. A diet rich in protein

That’s right, nothing contains protein quite like meat. But if you are a vegetarian, eat protein-rich ingredients such as soybeans, green beans, whole grains, seeds and nuts.

3. Turn up that umami kick

Include asparagus, tomatoes, seaweed, soybeans, tofu, corn, and onions in your diet because they are a good substitute for umami (and just delicious).

4. Crazy about calcium and iron

Did you know: The recommended iron intake for vegetarians is 1.8 times more than for non-vegetarians? While seeds, legumes, and dried fruits are rich in iron; Bok choy, broccoli, kale, and tofu are good sources of calcium.

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5 smart tricks for vegetarian cooking | Tips and tricks

Every cook should know tips for preparing meat-free meals that will satisfy everyone. So, even if you’re hosting a mixed crowd of vegetarians and non-vegetarians, you can please them all with these simple tricks that are sure to please them. Let fresh, seasonal produce inspire your menu, use fresh garden vegetables that are full of flavour, add some cheese or saute them a little in olive oil until your dish comes together beautifully.

1. Cheese please: Admit it – the secret ingredient is always cheese. Beautify your regular meals with some cheesy goodness and completely transform the dish, making it extra delicious.

2. Garlic kickThe finer the garlic is chopped, the more it will appear on your plate.

3. Meat vegetables: Choose vegetables such as potatoes, mushrooms, eggplant, beets and squash, especially if you are cooking for non-vegetarians, and mix them with spinach and bell peppers.

4. Some people like it hot: Keep your kitchen cupboards stocked with chili flakes, peri peri sauce, and some Sriracha or cayenne pepper to spice up your meals.

5. Play with flavors: Tantalize your taste buds by combining flavors and textures, like serving creamy risotto with some crunchy asparagus and chewy shiitake mushrooms.

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17 delicious vegetarian recipes you can try at home

1. Makhni Paneer Biryani

Layered with rice and dipped in a creamy gravy, this delicious Makni Paneer Biryani is your new favourite. A recipe that is sure to please vegetarians and meat lovers alike!

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Vegetarian Dinner Recipes: This creamy vegetarian biryani recipe is a must try. Image credits- iStock

2. Spicy yellow curry with vegetables

Impress your guests to no end with this delicious Thai yellow curry, flavored with galangal and lemongrass. Add some broccoli, carrots, and eggplant and you won’t even know what’s missing!

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Vegetarian Dinner Recipes: Amaze your guests to no end with this delicious Thai yellow curry. Image credits- iStock

3. Masala Bhindi

You can reach foodie heaven in no time with this quick and easy masala bhindi recipe. So hot and so delicious – you’ll definitely want to make this tonight. Simply pair this with piping hot parathas and you are good to go.

Vegetarian Dinner Recipes: This spicy and delicious recipe will leave you wanting more.Image credits- iStock

4. Apple gratin

Rich, creamy potato gratin flavored with thyme, sure to please all taste buds. Cheddar cheese adds extra creaminess and a subtle cheesy flavor to this decadent dish.

5. Vegetarian burritos

Skip the usual and make delicious Mexican burritos tonight. Filled with beans and a cheese blend, simply serve the tortillas with the sensational salsa and you’re good to go. So interesting and delicious, your family won’t even guess it’s healthy!

6. Vegetarian narcissi kofta

Golden fried and delicious, add this wonderful recipe to your favorite curry dish or eat it as is. This recipe is stealing the show!

7. Penne no vodka

With its irresistible flavor and a splash of vodka, this creamy pasta dish will please everyone at the table time and time again. Delicious, comforting and downright divine!

8. Dum paneer kali mirch

This paneer cooked on dum is delicious! If you’re jumping on the low-calorie bandwagon, you can even leave out the cream and go the guilt-free route. This delicious curry with black pepper is sure to please everyone at the dinner table, not just vegetarians.

9. Vegetarian kho soi

Garnish this one-pot meal with sautéed garlic, onions, peanuts, and the works! With a big squeeze of lemon, you’ll have delicious Burmese coconut flavor packed with authentic flavors in no time.

10. Overwhelming things

A delicious vegetarian recipe that even meat eaters will love, it is green peas mixed with spices and packed with masala. Umm yum!

11. Satrangi Biryani

Are you thinking about how delicious meat can taste great in a vegetarian avatar? You have landed in the right place. Filled with beets, zucchini, carrots, bell peppers, French beans, mint and an array of aromatic spices, this nutritious and healthy meal is a delight for the soul. This biryani is cooked slowly in an earthen pot which makes the rice soak in all the flavors of vegetables and spices.

12. Dal Makhani

There must be a reason why Dal Makhani is one of the best-selling items in every vegetarian restaurant. The creamy, indulgent delight never fails to impress. Using this recipe, you can cook the dish perfectly at your home. This amazing recipe is made with the finest black urad, heart-melting masala and loads of cream.

Vegetarian Dinner Recipes: Dal Makhani is a creamy and delicious dish that never fails to impress. Image credits- iStock

13. Singhadi ki kadi

The soothing curry is a vrat favourite. Easy to make and very delicious, it is seasoned with red chillies and curry leaves. Pakodas are made with water chestnuts (singhade ka aata) and sendha namak, you can team kadhi with samak chawal for a healthy experience.

14. Mix vegetables with creamy spinach curry

This creamy spinach curry is packed with healthy, immune-boosting vegetables. It is made with spices like cumin powder, coriander powder, and Kashmiri chilli powder and filled with vegetables like capsicum, cauliflower, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes.

15. Palak dal khichdi

Palak Dal Khichdi is a very easy, healthy and quick recipe that is full of nutrients and that too without compromising on the taste.

16. Vegetable lasagna

Lasagna slices with tomato ketchup, white sauce and vegetables. Sprinkle cheese on top and bake until golden.

17. Boil vegetable soy

Veg Soya Keema is made of soya chunks and is absolutely delicious. Pair it with roti, naan, or steamed rice for a healthy meal.

18. No vegetable oil pulao

This is a delicious pulao recipe that can be prepared with few ingredients. The best thing about this pulao is that it is prepared without oil. It can be a good option for people watching weight.

From biryani to khao suey, our top 17 vegetarian dinner recipes are sure to blow your mind. These dishes will make you swoon, and are designed to complement your hectic life.

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