18 healthy recipes for New Year’s Eve in 2024

18 healthy recipes for New Year’s Eve in 2024

What kind of personality are you on New Year’s Eve? Some of us are party-goers, determined to make the most of the last few hours of the year. Others, like me, look forward to curling up in my comfy pajamas with a friend, a good book, or a cuddly pet – or better yet, all three! – For the sake of the company. And still others find themselves somewhere in between, either reserving a table for two at a favorite restaurant or hosting a small group of friends at home. Whatever best describes your New Year’s plans, there’s common ground we can all agree on. While indulging is normal when it comes to celebrating the coming year, I doubt any of us want to wake up with either a sugar or alcohol-induced hangover. To help us ward off the bad vibes of 2024, I’ve rounded up my favorite healthy New Year’s Eve recipes.

Remember: restriction is not the goal. I hope to help you fill your plate with all the delicious, nutritious foods that will allow you to celebrate the holiday any way you want while waking up ready to make your 2024 vision board a reality. I’ve found everything from mocktails to satisfying main courses to small bites packed with flavor. Get ready for delicious gluten-free, plant-based foods and veggie-packed apps.

Charcoal plate.

18 healthy recipes for New Year’s Eve

The thing I love about setting an intention to incorporate healthy foods into my diet is the creativity it inspires. When you focus on adding color and good ingredients to every meal, the foods you make and consume are inevitably more satisfying. You may be surprised to discover how much closer and more connected you are to what you eat. And frankly, this feeling of solitude is much more satisfying than focusing on calorie counts.

So, with abundance on our minds and excitement to try all the healthy food and flavor combinations, let’s dive in. Get ready to end 2023 on a high note and ring in the coming new year.

Healthy mocktails

Pomegranate with mint.

Pomegranate with mint

Why we love it: Pomegranates are the ever-elusive ingredient that I desperately want to make the most of when they’re in season. Mixing pomegranate seeds with berries and mint balances the sweet and sour flavors beautifully. Trust me when I say this will be the best non-alcoholic mojito you’ve ever had.

Hero item: I love the subtle, sweet flavor that mint can bring to almost anything.

Salty dog ​​mocktail.

Salty dog ​​mocktail

Why we love it: Well, technically, this recipe was developed in cocktail form. But fortunately, Camille was thinking ahead and thought that many of us would want to ring in the New Year with this drink, without the vodka. It’s one of our most popular recipes of 2023, and for good reason. It’s refreshing and hydrating, and you can sip it knowing you won’t wake up with a hangover in the morning.

Hero item: Grapefruit juice is my all-time favorite mixer for mocktails and cocktails alike.

Healthy snacks and appetizers

Crudit dish

Crudit dish

Why we love it: With a big plate of raw bread on your table, you can make the goal of eating more vegetables in 2024 a reality before the clock even strikes midnight. One of the many nice things about this healthy New Year’s Eve recipe is that it’s an adventure-for-you kind of situation. Follow the model we’ve provided and then let your desires guide the way.

Hero item: If you need me, I’ll be right next to your Creamy Caramelized Onion Sauce.

Hummus toast with carrots.

Fried garlic, carrots and roasted chickpeas

Why we love it: One glance at the bright orange layer of toast and I instantly think it’s healthy. Fortunately, after just one bite, you’ll realize that the flavor follows suit. Crispy sourdough is used as the base with a thick layer of creamy chickpeas and sweet and spicy carrots to finish things off. Proof that good eating doesn’t have to be boring at all.

Hero item: This snack will change all your previous opinions about carrots. Lacking flavour? never.

Smoked eggplant recipe.

Smoked eggplant dip

Why we love it: Baba Ghanouj, but with the volume raised (which means something). If you think eggplant sauce is only for warm-weather gatherings, think again. Once the eggplant is roasted, all that’s left to do is combine its creamy taste with the ultimate blend of spices and flavors (think: smoked paprika, thyme, garlic, tahini, and cumin). The resulting flavor is over the top.

Hero item: Choose from any of the spices listed above. They all bring so much depth and dimension to this drop, it’s hard to name the best.

Holiday charcuterie board.

Holiday Charcuterie Board

Why we love it: I know what you’re thinking – charcuterie… correct? That’s the nice thing about building and snacking on a charcuterie board: The ingredients are completely up to you. Olives and nuts provide a healthy dose of fat while fresh and dried fruits (grapes, figs, pomegranates) add a little antioxidant to the mix. From there, sprinkle on some cheese and dried meats and top the crackers as you wish. The delicious and colorful combinations are only limited by your imagination.

Hero item: Again, there are no strict rules about what your charcoal painting should and should not include. But if I had to pick just one snack, it would be Marcona almonds. Even Contessa Barefoot agrees.

Maman Kale Pea and Ricotta Spread

Maman Kale Pea and Ricotta Spread

Why we love it: Of all the healthy New Year’s Eve recipes I can think of, this might be my all-time favorite. Why? First, let’s talk about color. Cabbage and peas produce a bright, vibrant green color that is welcome in the middle of winter. The texture is more than creamy, thanks to a healthy dose of ricotta. Finally, this spread has a beautiful flavor with a blend of nutmeg, black pepper, lemon, and red pepper.

Hero item: It must be lemon juice. It’s essential to liven up any healthy New Year’s Eve recipe.

Ricotta with pear and honey pistachios

Ricotta with pear and honey pistachios

Why we love it: Approved for Instagram and all your social media endeavors, this ricotta bar is absolutely gorgeous. Fortunately, it’s very easy to put together. With minimal effort required, you’ll have this five-ingredient appetizer on the table in minutes.

Hero item: It’s pistachio. The bright color and crunchy texture combine to perfection.

Healthy sides and main dishes

Farro squash salad recipe.

Farro squash salad with apples, goat cheese, and pecans

Why we love it: The salty-sweet combination of ingredients in this amazing salad is like no other. Farro is a nutty, flavorful grain that you need to start incorporating into your cooking statistic for 2024. This salad is a perfect entry point, containing delicious butternut squash that crisps up in the oven, tangy goat cheese, crunchy apples, and a dressing you’ll Everything.

Hero item: Dijon mustard is my favorite base for any vinaigrette. It adds a touch of flavor that will have you licking this sauce off a spoon.

Zucchini pasta recipe.

Zucchini pasta

Why we love it: If your New Year’s Eve gathering is more of a seated celebration than just a food celebration, this is the main thing to do. Pasta is always my go-to when I want to impress without worrying about whether or not my dish will actually turn out. Deliberately rustic, this vegetable-packed pasta is naturally imperfect and beautiful. It’s a healthy recipe that feels special enough to welcome in the new year.

Hero item: Keep the parmesan coming.

Vegan Butternut Squash Pasta

Vegan Butternut Squash Pasta

Why we love it: Although it may not look special enough to bring to a New Year’s Eve gathering, it’s not just any old pasta. This dish is creamy, comforting and cheesy, but more than that, it’s packed with subtle flavor thanks to the miso and sage. You heard it here first – chickpea pasta does the trick.

Hero item: Butternut squash makes this pasta the ultimate sweet and salty.

Flatbread with chickpeas and roasted carrots.

Vegetarian flatbread with roasted carrots and red pepper hummus

Why we love it: It’s a rule of thumb: When hummus is on the table, the party’s started. But if you’re looking for a main dish that takes everyone’s favorite snack to the next level, this flatbread is your answer. Delicious grilled pita bread meets creamy and sweet hummus and is topped with fresh and delicious vegetables. The celebrations cannot begin until this is served.

Hero item: Throw in a couple teaspoons of paprika that weaves in a bit of smoky heat for a truly addictive hummus.

Honey Sriracha Tempeh Spring Rolls Recipes, Healthy New Year's Eve Recipes

Honey Sriracha Tempeh Spring Rolls

Why we love it: There’s something about these spring rolls that just feels perfect for New Year’s Eve. Maybe it’s because I’ve always associated finger food with the holiday or the fact that the presentation was definitely amazing. Regardless, these protein-packed vegan wraps will satisfy every craving and pair perfectly with a glass of champagne.

Hero item: The sauce is amazing, and I have to give the award to Sriracha for enhancing its flavor with a tangy, garlicky heat.

Healthy sweets

Easy cinnamon baked apples

Easy cinnamon baked apples

Why we love it: I was at a dinner party the other night where someone served spicy, sweet, comforting baked apples. Although the presentation was modest, the overall flavor and impact were beyond words. A total of nine ingredients (two of which are water and salt) make this the simplest after-dinner dessert. And because when you’re working on something as wonderful and delicious as apples, there’s not much you can improve.

Hero item: Except…butter makes everything better.

Gluten-free citrus cake with strawberries, coconut cream and cardamom

Gluten-free citrus cake with strawberries, coconut cream and cardamom

Why we love it: When it comes to healthy New Year’s Eve recipes, this dessert is the real deal. The recipe is an elegant yogurt cake that combines almond flour and gluten-free AP to produce a fluffy, cloud-like dessert. It’s a GF twist that’s still dreamy and decadent.

Hero item: Coconut cream is my favorite way to make a quick dairy-free appetizer.

Brownies are gluten and dairy free

Why we love it: Given their modest, rustic presentation, you might not associate brownies with this holiday glitz and glamour. But…this is where you’d be wrong. When the clock strikes midnight and your guests are sipping glasses of champagne, nothing will satisfy a sweet tooth craving like chocolate cake. And because it’s gluten-free and dairy-free, everyone can enjoy it.

Hero item: I like to substitute maple syrup in place of granulated sugar. It creates a complex sweetness and a nice, moist crumb.

Healthy oatmeal cookies with coconut, raisins and dark chocolate

Healthy oatmeal cookies with coconut, raisins and dark chocolate

Why we love it: These healthy oatcakes are one of my favorite 3pm snacks, but their beauty is in their versatility. Really, you can enjoy these almost any time of the day and for any occasion, including New Year’s Eve. Enjoy the crunchy texture these cookies offer thanks to the combination of raisins, dark chocolate, walnuts, coconut flakes, and oats. That’s right, these offer it all.

Hero item: No cake is complete without a sprinkling of salt on top.

Healthy and easy apple crumble

Healthy and easy apple crumble

Why we love it: Do you think you can’t enjoy apples after November? Think again, my friends. While pumpkin spice brings a distinct fall vibe, you have my permission to bake these crumbles all winter long. It’s spicy, crunchy and just sweet enough.

Hero item: It’s not crumble without the oats. They get deliciously crispy in the oven and create the perfect bite with soft apples that melt in your mouth.

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