These are some of the best snacks that will give you energy during a long day at work. Made with no more than 3 grams of added sugar, you’ll find delicious, naturally sweet bars in this collection that’s energizing, nutritious, and flavorful. Plus, each plate is easy to pack and carry on the go (or wherever your day takes you). Recipes like cauliflower chips and cherry-cocoa-pistachio energy balls are delicious ways to stay satisfied during the workday.

Delicious pieces of dates and pistachios

A hint of sweetness from the dates and raisins combined with the crunch and deliciousness of the pistachios make these bites perfect for an on-the-go snack or as an accompaniment on a cheese board.

Cauliflower chips

Caitlin Bensel

Crispy cauliflower chips are low in carbs and can be prepared either in the oven or in the air fryer. Plus, it only requires cauliflower, Parmesan cheese, and spices to prepare! Replace the Italian seasoning with ranch seasoning or your favorite spice blend for a different flavor.

Strawberry and oat bars

The dough in this easy dessert recipe does double duty — it creates a sturdy crust to hold all the gooey strawberry filling and it also makes a crunchy topping. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream to take it to the next level.

Energy balls with cherries, cocoa and pistachios

Chopped dried cherries and pistachios make these energy balls a salty and sweet snack to satisfy all your cravings. The almond and cocoa butters add texture and appeal to the chocolate. You can serve them any time of the day as a snack or dessert, or pack them for a hike.

Medium sized boiled eggs

Medium-boiled eggs make a delicious jam texture on toast, salads, and more.

Tiramisu-inspired energy balls

Photographer: Morgan Hunt Glaze, Food Stylist: Julia Levy, Prop Designer: Josh Hogel

These sweet energy balls take their inspiration from the classic Italian dessert tiramisu. Instant espresso powder adds bitterness, while dates provide sweetness to create a balanced flavour. A dusting of cocoa powder at the end mimics the candy’s signature look. When rolling the balls, keep a small bowl of water nearby to keep your fingers moist, this will make rolling them much easier. Don’t skip refrigeration, as it helps the mixture stay together.

Sweet potato chips

Make crunchy vegetable chips at home with this healthy recipe. Use a mandoline to slice your sweet potatoes very thinly for the perfect crunch!

Apples with almond butter and cinnamon

With a little cinnamon, this healthy snack goes from basic to amazing.

Super Seed Snack Bars

Thanks to a blend of pumpkin, sunflower, hemp, and chia seeds, these healthy snack bars are packed with protein, fiber, minerals, and healthy fats. Because these rods pack well, they’re great for all-day adventures.

Energy balls with apricot and ginger

This easy energy ball uses natural ingredients to give you a quick boost of energy when you need it. Dried apricots and honey bring the coconut and oats together, while ginger and tahini deepen the sweet flavors. You can prepare it in just 25 minutes, and you can eat it as a quick breakfast, afternoon snack, or after-dinner dessert.

Roasted squash seeds

Alexandra Sheetsman

When preparing spaghetti squash, don’t throw away the seeds! You can turn it into a healthy, crunchy snack to enjoy on its own or sprinkled over a salad.

Eggs with soy sauce

Try this sweet salted poached egg recipe as an alternative to hard-boiled eggs at your next party or as a midday snack. Or serve it over your next bowl of ramen noodles.

Guacamole and dippers

We love bell peppers and carrots but replace them with any crunchy vegetable, like celery or cucumber, to make this your favorite healthy snack.

Beet chips

Make crunchy vegetable chips at home with this healthy recipe. Use a mandoline to slice the beets very thinly for the perfect crunch!

Pickled eggs

These refreshing hard-boiled eggs are easy to make. The fuchsia “white” cut in half and surrounding the bright yellow yolk is dazzling. Wrap some sliced ​​eggs and onions in flatbread for an impromptu snack.

Roasted chickpeas with cinnamon and sugar

Roasting canned chickpeas until crisp makes them a simple, healthy snack. In this meal rich in candied nuts, chickpeas are coated in cinnamon sugar to make them irresistible! This snack is best enjoyed the day it is made.

Carrot cake energy bites

These no-cook energy bites keep well in the fridge or freezer and are easy to take on the go for a healthy snack.

Energy balls filled with peanut butter

Photographer: Morgan Hunt Glaze, Food Stylist: Melissa Gray, Prop Designer: Joshua Hogel

Peanuts do double duty in this easy snack recipe: Peanut butter creates a creamy center while chopped roasted peanuts add a welcome crunch to the outside. We prefer to use natural peanut butter, which is oilier and more pliable, to help create the gooey center. Dates add natural sweetness to this healthy snack. Use any remaining date mixture to fill any holes in the energy balls. Pop these morsels in your lunchbox for a delicious morning or afternoon snack.

4- Ingredients for homemade cheese crackers

Jennifer Causey

These cheese crackers are a super simple kitchen project that the whole family can take part in – kids will love rolling out the dough and making fun cookie shapes. Make one batch with cheddar cheese, one with white cheddar, and one with garlic and chili powder for a dose of spice.

Baked red cabbage chips

Photographer / Brie Bassano, Food Stylist / Annie Probst, Props Designer / Holly Raebeckes

Packed with anti-inflammatory antioxidants, red cabbage is a great healthy alternative to regular potato chips. The flavor of these crunchy leaves is enhanced by extra virgin olive oil and all the baking seasonings.

Homemade oven dried strawberries

Photography / Caitlin Bencel, Design / Emily Nabors Hall / Julia Bayliss

These homemade oven-dried strawberries have a deep, sweet fruity flavor that you can taste as soon as you turn on the oven. Enjoy it on its own, add it to a mix or use it as a topping for yogurt or ice cream.

Pecan Pie Energy Balls

Photographer: Rachel Marek, Food Stylist: Lauren McNeely

We’ve taken all the delicious flavors of pecan pie and turned them into a delicious energy ball! These energy balls contain pecans, oats, and dates for a delicious snack that’s easy to prepare in advance.

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