If you’re going to splurge on lobster, you’d better make sure it’s cooked properly. There’s nothing better than a beautiful lobster tail smothered in garlic butter and delicious charcoal grilled, but when you’re spending that kind of money on your meal, it can be intimidating to prepare. Fortunately, Bobby Flay shares how to make sure your lobster is cooked perfectly every time.

The biggest tip here is to cook the lobster evenly before putting it on the grill. You can do this by boiling or steaming the lobster for just a few minutes until the meat is slightly firm. This step is necessary because it helps relax the meat before grilling. “If you put it on the grill raw, what happens is the meat kind of hardens up, and then it gets tough,” Flay shares in a cooking video for Good Morning America. After steaming the lobster, Flay cuts the body in half, drizzles each meaty side with oil, then season with salt and pepper.

Next, he places each lobster half on a hot grill, shell side down, and flips it meat side down to get the smokiness of the grill infused with the buttery meat when it’s done cooking. The great thing is that you can cook the lobster evenly ahead of time, then finish it on the grill before it’s time to eat.

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