Open for four decades in the heart of downtown Dallas, Dakota’s Steakhouse offers a unique underground dining experience unlike any of its competitors. The restaurant is located on property that was once home to First Dallas Baptist Church, and space provisions prohibit any future establishment from selling alcohol on the premises. By digging an underground foundation for the restaurant, Dakota was able to bypass the restrictions and build a restaurant 18 feet below street level. The space includes a five-tiered granite water wall, a lava rock fire pit, and a black granite bar. It is the perfect place for a romantic night or a private party.

Although cowboy hats, fedoras, and religious and formal headwear are permitted, the restaurant does not allow baseball hats, leggings, athletic wear, open-toed shoes, frayed or torn jeans, or shorts of any kind. , logo t-shirts or large screen printed t-shirts. Hoodies, or overly provocative clothing. There’s also a strict no-children-under-five policy, so if you’re sensitive to children screaming while eating, this is the upscale steakhouse for you.

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