I think I found the best frozen pizza at Talia di Napoli Pizza. Oh my goodness, it’s so delicious. The company makes its pizza in Naples (Italy, not Florida) with real Italian ingredients and ships it to you.

Each pizza takes only 9 to 10 minutes to heat up in the oven and comes out perfectly crispy. I’ve had Tartufina and Artichoke tarts and I can confirm that they are so delicious, you can easily polish them off on your own.

Now, I realize that these pizza shipments are a big investment compared to buying a few DiGiornos from your local grocery stores. But this is a really different experience and feels like a real treat… unlike the frozen pizza of the past.

Get the “Taste of Talia” package from Talia di Napoli for $130 (includes 2x margherita, 2x mozzarella, 2x tartufina, 1x four cheeses, and 1x artichokes)

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