30 Best Fried Chicken Side Dishes We Absolutely Love

30 Best Fried Chicken Side Dishes We Absolutely Love

These fried chicken side dishes are the perfect complement to everyone’s favorite crunchy main dishes. We have recipes that will turn tired sides into new additions to your dinner plate.

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When you cook homemade fried chicken, you know it’s going to be a star. (Explores Kentucky fried chicken recipe). But a good selection of supporting sides ensures a truly memorable meal. The best sides of fried chicken either complement the flavorful richness or provide contrast. For example, buttery biscuits provide delicious flavor to chicken, while refreshing coleslaw surprises the taste buds, adding bright flavor to the richly coated meat.

In summer, fresh vegetables are a simple and satisfying side option: from corn to cucumbers. In the winter (yes, you can make fried chicken in the winter!) keep warm with potatoes and squash.


This delicious, hearty recipe combines two types of beans with corn, fresh peppers, and spices. Beans and rice are a classic picnic side dish that tastes great cold, hot, or anything in between. Feel free to play with spices or add additional herbs from the garden.

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