33 Martha Stewart New Year’s Eve Dinner Ideas

33 Martha Stewart New Year’s Eve Dinner Ideas

Make New Year’s Eve at home special by cooking a delicious meal for family and friends – it’s the last dinner of the year and it should be great. We’ve got plenty of New Year’s Eve dinner ideas for small-group meals that are festive but also easy to cook, like one-pot appetizers and dishes that need a little attention, quick and fancy pastas, and gorgeous fish dishes. There are also desserts ready for the grand finale. So chill out some champagne and make your cocktails – after checking out this collection of recipes, your dinner plans will be taken care of!

Sirloin steak with spinach and onions

Chris Simpson

Steak is the star here. We love this steak dinner and because it’s occasion-worthy but also easy to cook. It’s all made in one pan and is on the table in just 40 minutes.

Barley risotto with mushrooms and dill

Sydney Bensimon

A delicious vegetarian dinner worth celebrating. This risotto uses pearl barley instead of the usual rice and a blend of mushrooms such as shiitake, oyster and beech. Make it vegetarian by using vegetable broth instead of chicken.

Martha’s Warm Chocolate Pudding Cakes

Steven Kent Johnson

Finish off your New Year’s Eve dinner with individual chocolate pudding cakes served warm from the oven. You can prepare it a day ahead and refrigerate it. Then bake them when you sit down to dinner, and they’ll be ready in time for dessert.

Broccolini with pepper

Paula + Murray

Looking for an elegant side dish for your New Year’s Eve celebration? Try this simple recipe in which broccolini is sautéed with thinly sliced ​​garlic, dried chili peppers, and lemon.

Baked chicken legs with chickpeas, olives and greens

Courtesy of Johnny Miller

An easy one-pot dinner means minimal clean-up, which is just what you need on New Year’s Eve. Better yet, this delicious meal is baked in the oven, so it’s care-free. It’s a wonderful combination of flavours, including Aleppo pepper, chickpeas, olives, hearty vegetables like spinach or kale, thyme, coriander and orange.

Poached pear with saffron whipped cream

Gentle and Hers

Elegant, delicious and luxurious, these poached pears are cooked with the zest and juice of orange, cinnamon, saffron and vanilla bean. They are served with saffron whipped cream for a wonderful finishing touch.

Lettuce and butter salad with yogurt and herbs

Paula + Murray

Garnish butter lettuce with fresh herbs and fennel fronds in this easy salad worthy of a special occasion. The vegetables are tossed in a creamy sauce made from yogurt, crème fraîche, and lemon juice.

Chicken melt and polenta puttanesca

Kate Sears

Welcome the new year with this comforting main dish that comes together in less than half an hour. Place browned chicken slices in a skillet with polenta, marinara sauce, and lots of mozzarella cheese.

Kale and apple salad

Con Paulus

Use hearty greens like kale in this winter salad. Thin apple slices, celery leaves, and Parmesan cheese garnish the leaves with a classic Dijon vinaigrette.

Mile High Triple Chocolate Espresso Mousse Pie

Christopher Testani

This amazing dessert contains three layers of chocolate. There’s a chocolate wafer crust, a sweet chocolate mousse, and a milk chocolate mousse. It’s topped with espresso whipped cream that complements the chocolate perfectly. You can prepare this wonderful piece a day in advance and refrigerate it until the party begins.

Grilled chicken breasts with grape filling

Marcus Nelson

End 2023 on a high note with this amazing chicken recipe. Bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts are served with a delicious filling made with ciabatta, grapes, and lots of herbs.

Red wine pasta

Brian Gardner

If you’re serving pasta for New Year’s Eve, may we suggest this party-ready version? Spaghetti is rolled in a delicious sauce made with red wine, pancetta, shallots, garlic and pecorino Romano.

Rice pudding with sea sauce and caramel

Con Paulus

Sophisticated, unpretentious and comforting dessert not to be missed. Our rice pudding is made with short-grain rice, which is starchy and makes the pudding creamier. And the sea salt caramel sauce is amazing.

Pork tenderloin with kale salad

Con Paulus

This healthy, colorful and festive meal combines baked pork with cabbage, quinoa, and roasted sweet potatoes (which are cooked alongside the meat). It’s ready in less than an hour.

Drunken mussels with chorizo ​​and white beans

Con Paulus

Mussels cooked in white wine are a bistro favourite, quick and easy to prepare and also a little different from your usual dinner at home. Our recipe has a Spanish accent, with chorizo ​​and white beans adding extra flavor and heft to the table.

Mini pistachio pounds

Marcus Nelson

Serving individual desserts is a fun way to make New Year’s Eve dinner look fabulous. These little cakes are just the thing; It’s moist and fragrant with pistachio and orange flower water.

Pan-fried black sea bass with capers and herb butter sauce

Ryan love

We garnished our sea bass with butter and butter for the holiday with vermouth, capers, butter, and lots of tender herbs. It’s a 25-minute entree that looks and tastes like restaurant fare.

Breaded chicken and gnocchi with broccolini

Lennart Weibull

Enjoy this baked pasta dish on New Year’s Eve. He uses easy ingredients, including store-bought gnocchi, roasted chicken, and chicken broth for a simple, satisfying meal that feels special.

Herbie Shrimp and Feta Bake

Johnny Miller

This Mediterranean-inspired seafood recipe is another simple yet stunning dish that’s perfectly suited for New Year’s Eve. Shrimp tossed in an herb mixture made with lemon zest, saffron, garlic, fresh parsley, and oregano. They are then baked low and slow with lots of olive oil and feta cheese.

Shrimp Alfredo without cream

Chris Simpson

This festive prawn pasta is flavorful but not too rich. No heavy cream is needed for this type of Alfredo. Instead, the sauce is made using egg yolks, starchy pasta water, butter, and Parmesan cheese.

Bitter greens with anchovies and bread crumbs

Lennart Weibull

Bitter greens like escarole and chicory, plus avocado, celery and fennel, add a bright green color to this wonderfully healthy, refreshing and crunchy salad. Just what you need on New Year’s Eve.

Pepper marinated lamb with grilled vegetables

Chris Simpson

A bistro-style appetizer that’s easy to make at home using supermarket ingredients. The meat is seared on the stove, then cooked in the oven, where the irresistible roast potatoes and broccolini are cooked. There’s a red wine sauce that brings everything together.

Easy candy bites

Alpha Smoot

These individual desserts are easy to make but pack a punch and are sure to cook up quickly.

Roasted persimmons and chicory with shallot sauce

Con Paulus

Persimmons reach their peak in winter. Pair it with mixed chicory like chicory or radicchio for a seasonal side that will shine on New Year’s Eve.

Pan baked pork and meat

Justin Walker

This one-piece dinner can serve as an appetizer or main dish for a small New Year’s Eve gathering. These meatballs are quickly prepared using ground pork, ground fennel seeds, and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. They are roasted in a cast iron skillet, then finished cooking on the stove in marinara sauce with paprika. Slices of Italian bread are placed in the pan and the whole thing is topped with mozzarella cheese before it takes a quick trip under the grill.

Pomegranate and coconut truffle

Ryan love

This adorable trifle is sure to please. Pomegranates are at their peak in winter, and their unique flavor and color shine in this innovative dessert. Whipped cream and toasted coconut are appropriate festive touches.

Fried cod with bulgur, zucchini and tomatoes

Justin Walker

Ring in 2023 with this healthy and nutritious meal that comes in just 45 minutes. The cod is sprinkled with harissa seasoning and cooked with bulgur, tomatoes, and sautéed zucchini for a delicious one-pan dinner.

Chicken cooked with vinegar and garlic

Marcus Nelson

Bone-in, skin-on chicken drumsticks and drumsticks are braised in a mixture of rice vinegar, soy sauce, brown sugar, and bay leaves for a flavor-packed main course.

Cabbage stuffed with beef and rice

Marcus Nelson

For a delicious New Year’s Eve main dish, it’s hard to beat stuffed cabbage. Green cabbage is filled with a mixture of long-grain white rice and ground beef and cooked in an easy tomato sauce. Replace the beef with ground pork for an equally delicious dinner.

Turkey-Pesto Meatball Soup

Lennart Weibull

Enjoy a bowl of this delicious soup made with basil pesto, garlic, and turkey meatballs. You can prepare the meatball base in advance to simplify the preparation process on New Year’s Eve.

Swiss pasta, chard and almonds

Chris Simpson

This colorful vegetarian pasta makes a delicious New Year’s Eve dinner. Rainbow Swiss chard takes center stage with almonds and plenty of Pecorino Romano playing supporting roles.

Chocolate Chip Coconut Oatmeal Skillet Cookie


This giant gooey chocolate cake is a dessert everyone will want to dig into. Adding oats and coconut to this classic recipe makes it even better. Serve warm – with ice cream on top of course.

Radicchio salad with chopped lemon dressing

Justin Walker

The bold flavor and brilliant color of radicchio are highlighted by a simple lemon-mustard vinaigrette infused with fresh mint leaves. It’s a delicious salad and one of our favorites.

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