37 ideas for fancy dinner parties

37 ideas for fancy dinner parties

Maybe you’re a dinner party fan. You enjoy creating a tablescape, curating a playlist, and cooking enough food to send everyone home with leftovers. Or maybe you don’t even have a dining table and are hosting your entire family for the first time. No matter what type of host you prefer, we are here to help you throw the dinner party of your dreams.

You can start with low-maintenance appetizers, like chips, or have a plate of oysters — this cheat code will make eating easier. You can make your kitchen a show stage, spinning saffron pasta or slicing steaks in a minute, or sit back and let the oven do the work (slow-roasted salmon is an excellent hands-off option). You can also prepare the entire main course in advance: the Brisket Bourguignon and Saucy Pollo Guisado taste even better the next day.

We’ve got plenty of tips for hosting an unforgettable evening, and doing it on a budget. But remember, there is no wrong way to celebrate. So, queue up some tunes, light some candles, and let’s enjoy.

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