45 Best Christmas Lunch Ideas

45 Best Christmas Lunch Ideas

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Christmas morning is one of the best feelings around. The holidays may have just begun, but they’re already full of joy and excitement – ​​especially when you’re planning a festive Christmas brunch! Just ask Ree Drummond, who has made Christmas brunch one of her favorite holiday traditions. “Our first order of business is opening the presents,” says Rey, “then it’s time to eat!” They go all out for the holiday season with fried quail and biscuits and gravy. Want to try something new for Christmas? These egg bread puddings and biscuit breakfast sandwiches are sure to be a hit! And if you haven’t tried Ree’s cinnamon rolls, they are a holiday must-have!

Looking for a comforting Christmas breakfast your family will love? Try homemade sausage gravy, hot chocolate pancakes, or cinnamon pecan yeast pancakes that are great for making ahead. In fact, you can also make a lot of Christmas casserole recipes on Christmas Eve, so all you have to do in the morning is heat them up. For example, this sausage breakfast casserole can be fully assembled, covered, and refrigerated up to two days in advance—making your holiday morning easier. With these Christmas lunch recipes, you’ll be on your way to a day full of delicious meals – oh, and there are also a few Christmas cocktails perfect for sipping throughout the day. (Who is cranberry mimosa for?)

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