While it’s great to see some of our favorite heroes fighting on the same side and in the same body, there are some instances where certain personality traits from one half can overpower the other in the wrong ways. In the case of Gotenks, for example, there is an overly arrogant element – which is essentially the arrogance of Trunks being in command. High strength, speed, and strength would certainly be a fun asset for anyone, but Gotenks doesn’t have to be so reckless with it. The Fusion Technique is a last resort and has a time limit, so there shouldn’t be any room for playing hot shots when the world is at stake. He’s not the only one who throws his weight around with such neglect. Goten and Trunks’ parents have the same problem.

With Potara Fusion, which splits earrings between parties, and Fusion Dance, Goku and Vegeta’s resulting fusions end with their fighters packing as much courage as they do fighting power. During the Fusion Saga, Vegito mixed the arrogance of a Saiyan prince with Goku’s playful and playful attitude. For both Vegito and Gogeta, these characters got them into trouble, leading to them being absorbed by Buu when a more focused stance by Goku in his final battle with Frieza would have been much more beneficial. Ultimately, when the world is in danger of ending, a fighter with an attitude problem is just another problem that is not needed.

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