50 Recipes for Leftover Chicken (Video) I Taste Home

50 Recipes for Leftover Chicken (Video) I Taste Home

Leftover dinner – again? Eating what’s in the fridge may be easy, but it’s not always the most exciting. Follow our leftover chicken recipes for fresh flavor on yesterday’s dinner!

Let’s admit it: We eat a lot of chicken meals. We have good reasons. Chicken’s mild flavor goes well with many cuisines and seasonings, and it’s a lean protein that even kids will love. But it’s easy to get tired of the same leftovers, especially on the second (or third) night in a row.

Our favorite leftover chicken recipes make exciting meals from refrigerator leftovers. For example, roast chicken can turn into any number of meals, from comforting soups to stacked sandwiches to large dinner salads. Shredded or ground chicken can be a pizza topping or enchilada filling. You can also use leftover chicken bones in a flavorful stock (which is then turned into soup, risotto, etc.). Ah, the places your chickens will go!


One of our most popular chicken dinners ever, these creamy enchiladas are easy to make at home. Line a 13-by-9-inch pan with tortillas filled with leftover chicken, cream cheese, and spices, then pour quick enchilada sauce over them. Feel free to add or subtract chili peppers, or vegetables such as chopped peppers or corn.

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