They tell us what we already know.

50 Top Pizzas, an Italian pizza authority founded by a group of food and beverage journalists, has released its annual list of the best pizzerias in Italy, Europe, Asia and the United States, and five New York City pizzerias have been named among the organization’s Top 100 Pizzerias. Selections.

Taking second place overall was Una Pizza Napoletana, chef Anthony Mangieri’s popular restaurant on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side, thanks to its 12-inch, wood-fired Neapolitan pies. Earlier this year, Top 50 Pizzerias named Una Pizza Napoletana the No. 1 pizzeria in America.

The 22nd Ribalta landed on East 12th Street near Union Square, followed by the No. 33 Song’ E Napule on West Houston Street in the West Village and the No. 72 Kesté on Fulton Street, very close to the Staten Island Ferry’s Whitehall. Lounge. The USA squad is rounded out by Ops on Himrod Street, the only selection in Brooklyn, at No. 92.

The only other New York pizzeria to reach this level is Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria in Buffalo, which reached No. 28.

If you’ve lost count, that’s four pizzerias from Manhattan, one from Brooklyn, one from upstate New York — and none from Staten Island (cue the eyeballs).

Other American pizzerias that made the list include: Razza Pizza Artigianale in Jersey City (No. 11); Portland, Oregon Cane’s Artisan Pizza (No. 18); San Francisco Tony’s Pizza Napoletana (No. 19); Phoenix, Arizona Pizza Bianco (No. 21); Miami 0′ Munaciello (No. 25) and La Leggenda Pizzeria (No. 73); Wakefield, Pasquale’s Pizzeria Napoletana in Rhode Island (No. 76); Chicago Spacca Neapolitan Pizza (No. 93); and Pizza Fabrica Tampa (No. 97).

As for which pizzeria can call itself the best in the world? Well, the 50 best pizzas can’t pick just one. Joint honors go to Italian restaurant 10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria and I Masanielli-Francesco Martucci. Both were also crowned co-winners earlier this year in a list of the best pizzerias in Italy.

The top ten places were as follows: Spain’s Sartoria Panatieri (No. 3); Japan’s The Pizza Bar at No. 38 (No. 4); Italy I Tigli (No. 5), Seu Pizza Illuminati (No. 6), 50 Kalò (No. 7), 180g Pizza Romana (No. 9), I Masanielli–Sasà Martucci (No. 10); And the Chinese Bottega (No. 8).

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