A bento box can change your lunchtime: Here are 13

A bento box can change your lunchtime: Here are 13

Bento boxes aren’t just another trend

One easy way to reduce the use of disposable school supplies is to invest in reusable items like water bottles. Another way to do this is to eat a healthy and enjoyable lunch, whether eaten at school, home or at nursery. These kids bento boxes are completely kid-approved and cute, with perfect storage compartments for fruits, vegetables, and snacks. Keep reading to see our favorites for kids.


Bentgo Kids Lunch Box is made of stainless steel and is leak-proof

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This design from Bentgo is the first bento-style stainless steel lunch box with leak-proof technology. This means each container is specifically designed to prevent leaks (goodbye fruit juices and other lunch liquids collecting at the bottom of your backpack). Each Bentgo stainless steel topper has three food compartments, plus a removable silicone container. Choose from five colors and enjoy a five-year warranty.


Fenerese Bento Lunch Box

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These kids bento boxes feature five spill-resistant compartments including a sauce tray to easily pack lunches and snacks for school or daycare. Two locking clasps keep the bento box securely closed during transport but are easy for kids and toddlers to open. The fully removable top provides easy access to contents and has no hard plastic hinges that can pinch little fingers! The entire set, including tools, is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. The bottom tray and inner tray lid are microwave safe, making it perfect for both hot and cold food.



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Whether you’re feeding a little astronaut, a world traveler, or an adorable toddler, YumBox’s fun designs have something for everyone. The Original six-compartment bento box allows you to pack smaller portions of your child’s favorite foods, including bite-sized sandwiches. And you don’t have to worry about spills or messes with the leak-proof lid!

OmiBox Bento Box for Kids



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OmieLife’s brightly colored thermos bento boxes have two temperature zones for storing any type of food. The vacuum insulated stainless steel thermos is perfect for keeping hot foods nice and hot, while the double-walled tray keeps fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp. With a wide rainbow of colors like Sunshine (yellow) and Purple Plum, this bento is a cheerful way to start the school year.

Small bento box


GrowBento by Miniware

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Miniware’s GrowBento is customizable, and fits up to four removable silicone slippods. Each Silipod comes with a top that’s easy for little hands to unfold, and can easily freeze and heat pureed foods (think dips or dressings, hummus or even hot soup). We love that the sturdy container is completely dishwasher safe (even the stainless steel exterior) and is the perfect size for a kids lunch bag.


Planet Box Rover Stainless Steel Lunch Box

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Don’t let the price fool you. With five compartments to keep fruits, sandwiches, dips, and more separate, the Planet Planet Bento Box is worth the investment. Its sturdy stainless steel construction means it’s free of BPA and other nasty chemicals and will last for years. You can also personalize it with colorful magnets!

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