A Burnaby street food vendor is ready to warm up residents, foodies and commuters

A Burnaby street food vendor is ready to warm up residents, foodies and commuters

Kim’s Korea Waffles and Pancakes has been serving sweet and savory treats for 20 years at the same location, and is returning for the 2023-24 season.

A Burnaby street food vendor has been going strong for 20 years in the exact same location – down the stairs in the busy Burketlam neighbourhood.

Kim’s Korean Waffles & Waffles launched its griddle and cast iron wheel starting Sept. 15 at Hanam Market, located at 4501 North Road.

This comes just in time to warm up locals, foodies and commuters for the fall and winter of 2023 and 2024 as the local ‘hidden gem’ closes for the summer.

According to Kim’s, the company prides itself on offering “inexpensive” street food options, such as bongyeopbang (waffles) and hotteok (pancakes), for those on the road, and that everything is made fresh to order.

Since Burketlam is known as the epicenter of Metro Vancouver’s Koreatown, the pancakes and tarts are also a call back home.

“A common sight on winter streets in Korea is the sight of food carts selling bongyeobbang (waffles) on street corners…the taste is always a crowd pleaser,” Kim’s website said.

“For many Koreans, the sight of fresh bongbang and its sweet scent wafting through the crisp winter air is a sign that winter has already arrived.”

The waffle, which is served in the shape of a fish, is prepared by pouring flour dough into the pan. It is usually served with red bean filling.

The pancakes are made from glutinous rice flour infused with brown sugar and cinnamon, pressed by hand and lightly cooked on a portable griddle.

For those who want a delicious snack, street meals can also be stuffed with vegetables.

Prices are $1.50 per waffle and $2.50 per pancake. Patrons who are feeling extra hungry can get four waffles for $5 or five waffles for $10.

Kim’s Korean dumplings and pancakes are prepared at Hanam Market from 11am to 6pm Monday to Thursday, and open an additional hour later, at 7pm, on Friday and Saturday.

For more information, including pickup orders for large orders, you can visit the company’s website.

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