A carbonara burger and “Spritz Bar” truck highlight the menu of the Ryder Cup food hall in Italy

A carbonara burger and “Spritz Bar” truck highlight the menu of the Ryder Cup food hall in Italy

Gidonia Montecilio – Besides the luxury hospitality tents, the Ryder Cup food scene is decidedly local at the Marco Simone Club outside of Rome.

There’s an “APECESARE” food truck named after Julius Caesar that sells “Street Food Romano,” where the highlight of the menu is the carbonara burger — part of Rome’s most famous pasta dish — with damini beef, carbonara sauce, guaniale, soncino lettuce, and peppers. And garlic. Caramelized onions.

“Eat one and you’re set,” said seller Alessandro Favola.

Another option in the same truck is the cacio e pepe burger based on another classic Roman pasta. Both burgers retail for €23 ($24) with fries.

A few trucks away is an orange “Spritz Bar” on wheels. But don’t expect to find the classic Aperol Spritz here. This is because Aperol is not an official sponsor of the Ryder Cup.

Instead, the spray is provided by Ryder Cup champagne partner Moet & Chandon.

The “perfume” – if it can still be called that without prosecco as well – comes already mixed with champagne infused with orange peel.

However, about 600 “sprays” were sold on Tuesday – the first day with spectators on site.

Other trucks were selling octopus panini, olive ascolan (fried olives stuffed with meat), and of course, gelato.

It goes without saying that the menu will have to be a little more complicated for Wednesday night’s Ryder Cup State Dinner at the Baths of Caracalla – which follows the teams’ photo shoot at the Spanish Steps.

Head protection

The massive merchandise store is the first thing arriving fans see when they walk over the bridge to Marco Simone’s estate.

A set of 12 Ryder Cup golf balls sells for €37 ($39), a luxury Marco Simone golf bag goes for €747 (about $800), and golf shoes feature a gold Ryder Cup logo stitched near the heel sleeve. €273 ($288).

Looking for something with a Roman flair? How about a three-item ball marker set featuring Vespa, Roman Gladiator and Colosseum designs?

One curious item: a plastic “light head guard” that folds under “all common golf hats” to provide protection from errant golf shots. Safetee, the manufacturer of the tool, claims that the item “absorbs up to 87% of a golf ball’s impact energy.” At €25 ($26), this is a bargain insurance policy.


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