A man has gone viral for taste-testing the last meals of notorious death row inmates

A man has gone viral for taste-testing the last meals of notorious death row inmates

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A recent college graduate from Virginia is attracting the attention of true crime fans on social media, cooking and tasting the final meals requested by famous death row inmates.

Since September 1, Josh Slavin, 23, has shared 26 different clips on Instagram Reels showcasing his reviews of death row meal orders.

His first post was of Ricky Ray Rector, a convicted murderer, who, according to several news reports, ordered steak, fried chicken, cherry Kool-Aid, and pecan pie for his last meal.

Rector died by lethal injection in Arkansas in 1992.

“There was no rhyme or reason why (the university president) chose me to start,” Slavin told Fox News Digital.

“It seemed simple to throw together.”

“I enjoy making (the content), people enjoy consuming it, and I decided to continue providing new renditions and covering new criminals.”

Slavin works in finance and creates lifestyle content on social media. He added that he recently graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, where he studied finance and accounting.

Slavin has shared 26 different meals with death row inmates since September. Instagram/jslavin

He believes that true crime fans are the ones who are interested in the Death Row Meals series.

“I, and I think others, have an innate fascination and pathological curiosity about this kind of thing,” Slavin said.

He added: “Death is something that everyone faces clearly.” “However, having the rare opportunity to choose exactly what you want (to eat) before you die is a very rare human circumstance and this is wonderful.”

Slavin recreated and taste-tested meals requested (or not requested) by many notorious inmates—from serial killer Ted Bundy, who refused the privilege of choosing a meal.

After declining the choice, Bundy reportedly received steak, French fries, eggs, toast, juice and milk.

Slavin also tried the meal ordered by terrorist Timothy McVeigh, who was sentenced to death by lethal injection for killing 168 people and wounding 680 others in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

McPhee apparently ordered pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

“In my opinion, ice cream alone is a bad choice for a final meal and choosing mint chocolate chips because of the flavor only makes the decision worse,” Slavin said on his Instagram Reel while judging McVie’s choice for the final meal.

“I’m putting this meal at level D.”

At each meal, Slavin first researches the person, the crime, and the food.

Diets for death row inmates can vary greatly. Instagram/jslavin

He then cooks the food, tastes it, and arranges the dishes in layers – with S being the “best” and D being the “bad”.

“The first meal I made was the Alton Coleman meal,” Slavin said of Coleman’s final meal of choice.

The serial killer chose to eat filet mignon with mushroom gravy, biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, French fries, cauliflower with cheese, collard greens, onion rings, cornbread, salad, sweet potato pie, butter pecan ice cream, and a cherry Coke. Before he was executed by lethal injection in 2002, according to the Clark County, Indiana, district attorney’s office.

“He had a big meal, but I thought the meal was well coordinated,” Slavin continued. It was synergistic…it was a complete Southern meal.

Slavin eats a feast of Mexican cuisine and chocolate cake. Instagram/jslavin

In America, most states serve a violent criminal the last meal before executing that person.

It is not entirely clear how long this ritual has been going on, although in many cases prisoners will be free to choose the meal as long as it complies with state guidelines.

In 2011, the state of Texas eliminated meal orders after murderer Lawrence Russell Brewer requested a long and expensive meal. He did not eat it and told the prison guards that he was not hungry, according to what Reuters reported.

In 1990, murderer James Edward Smith asked for a piece of dirt for his last meal.

His request was denied, and he was given yogurt instead, according to multiple sources.

As for Slavin and how he chooses the meals he will serve, he said that he takes some things into consideration.

“I look at the dishes they choose, the story behind the crime, the story behind the meal choice, and how they participated in the meal,” he said. “Their stories include the background of how their case happened, and what they ate growing up.”

Some of Slavin’s 575,000 Instagram followers offered up hot takes for his latest meal series.

Many people apply to him, asking if he can try the meals eaten by specific criminals – while others seem to oppose his project and offer commentary about the American justice system.

“Some people express disgust at a prisoner’s behavior or a convict’s behavior because to be sentenced to death, you have to commit some really heinous acts,” Slavin said.

Slavin said he takes a few things into consideration when choosing a meal. Instagram/jslavin

“There are also people who see the content and say it’s something they don’t want to see because it might glorify killers. The subject matter is incredibly intense, and I think that can really charge people’s emotions.

Slavin said that while he shares his own content, he tries to keep his opinions out of it unless he’s rating food.

“Not every story of our history is going to be sunshine and rainbows, but I don’t think that’s a reason not to share it,” Slavin said.

“Death is something that comes to everyone, but there are very few cases where you know exactly when you will die, and you choose exactly what you will eat before you die. These assumptions are rarely translated into reality. This truth is the truth of our history, and the truth of our present.”

He added: “When you break it down for what it is, it’s really thought-provoking in my opinion. If my content isn’t for you, I’m sorry, and feel free to keep scrolling.”

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