A New Beginning in Bingo: A Deep Dive by Drew Gilbert

the New possibility #2 In the Mets organization he enjoyed a successful start to his career in the blue and orange. The 2022 first-rounder out of the University of Tennessee has significantly improved his stats since the trade deadline with the Astros. In half as many games with Binghamton than Corpus Christi (35 vs. 60), he had the same number of home runs (6), RBIs (21), and had an OPS 270 points higher (.984 vs. 0.713). Let’s take a look at his swing disposition and how he has improved over the past couple of months.

Drew Gilbert. Photo by Anne Marie Caruso for NorthJersey/USA TODAY NETWORK

Position and setting

While Gilbert has an upright stance, his load and toe tap are similar Corbin Carroll From Diamondbacks. He squats on his back leg, rotates the counter slightly away from the pitcher, and does a small toe tap to first go from open to closed with his lower half and second to gain ground toward the pitcher and begin rotating his hips.

Combined with Carroll, once you start loading them up, the two look incredibly similar and have an overall balanced approach that’s less reliant on guesswork keeping their weight back on off-speed pitches.

Swing plane

Where Gilbert and Carroll differ is the angle of attack. Carroll has a shorter, slightly flatter swing while Gilbert is longer and has a higher angle of attack (swings slightly higher). This would likely result in a higher error rate on high fastballs but more power on low fastballs and changeups in the zone.


While Gilbert tore it up in High-A to start the season, he struggled mightily once he got to Double-A, which could make it easier for the Astros to part ways with him. Although he had good numbers early in the season, hitting the ball just as hard as he does now, he was hitting ground balls at a much higher clip.

Since he started his trade, his swings have changed to increase his angle of attack and his launch angles as well. This has led to his recent increase in strength and represents an important step forward in his development. In the current season, he has 18 players with the potential to offer more in the future.

Ready meals

Making adjustments as a younger hitter is a great sign of continued success. While a hitter shouldn’t have to make an adjustment every time he’s in a funk, Gilbert saw an inflated groundball rate and was smart and athletic enough to find the right level for the success of his swing. Making in-season adjustments is difficult but necessary in a seven-month season. If a player is in a slump but is hitting the ball hard and at the correct launch angles, there could be an element of bad luck in play.

Gilbert’s ability to distinguish between what would actually be a productive adaptation and what would not, shows admirable maturity and intelligence. His look and attitude are dialed in at the moment, and although his swing is a bit long at the moment, his bat speed makes up for it and he actually has a well below average doubles rate, which shows off his elite bat. -Ball skills. At first, it looks like Billy Eppler and the Mets got at least a fair return Justin Verlander.

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