According to the study, the best Missouri vacation snack is sugar cookies

According to the study, the best Missouri vacation snack is sugar cookies

street. LOUIS – Wisevoter, a bipartisan educational platform, recently published a study revealing that sugar cookies top the list as the favorite holiday snack in Missouri. The survey presented participants with options: cheesecake, sugar cookies, eggnog, hot chocolate, or cinnamon rolls.

According to the study, Missouri’s favorites are, in order: sugar cookies, cinnamon rolls, eggnog, hot chocolate, and cheesecake.

Holidays and special occasions are an opportunity for people to enjoy these foods as a way to celebrate. Eating sweets during holiday times symbolizes the joy and happiness that characterize this season. Some sweets may also have strong associations with childhood memories or family traditions.

To gauge public opinion, we asked our Facebook fans to pick their favorite holiday candy. When responses were tallied, eggnog emerged as the top choice, followed by cheesecake. Cinnamon rolls and sugar cookies tied for third place.

Other honorable mentions include pumpkin pie, snickerdoodles, and gingerbread. Hot chocolate was not mentioned when calculating the selections.

According to the study, the top foods in Illinois were also sugar cookies, followed by cheesecake, hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls and eggnog.

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