It is a menu designed to satisfy all tastes and food preferences. Photo: In Noosa and Ian Waldy Photography Magazine

Exciting culinary changes are taking place at Alba Noosa, the stunning dining destination overseen by renowned Chef Peter Kuruvita.

Located in the quiet area of ​​Parkridge, just moments from lively Hastings Street, Alba Noosa has long been known for its exquisite cuisine and elegant atmosphere.

Entering its third summer season, Chef Peter Kuruvita introduces an exciting new menu, reviving the age-old tradition of sharing sumptuous feasts or light meals in great company.

Join us to not only taste a wonderful array of new dishes, but also a new way of dining – where sharing becomes a joyful tradition.

Their beloved favorites stand proudly alongside new delicacies, all designed to let you sample a variety of flavours.

It is a menu designed to satisfy all tastes and food preferences.

Explore dishes like golden arancini filled with Goroka-glazed beef short ribs or grilled spring lamb cutlets from the White Pyrenees, garnished with fresh pomegranate, chimichurri and crème brûlée.

Don’t forget to try the famous Sri Lankan curry snapper, the Mooloolaba curry prawns, or the wonderfully skinned, crispy roasted duck in Vavuniya curry sauce with fresh lychees.

A must-try is the crispy local reef fish, swimming in a shallot-ginger-chili sauce and garnished with an Asian salad filled with lime, coriander and fresh coconut.

At Alba Nossa, enjoy a culinary experience for all occasions – whether it is a grand celebration, an intimate date, or a meal shared with your loved ones. It’s where flavors unite and memories are made.

Visit or call 0752111555 to secure your booking.

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