All cooking recipes in Lego Fortnite

All cooking recipes in Lego Fortnite

Lego Fortnite It offers players a wide variety of food, which is essential for survival, as hunger is the main enemy when traveling. In the game, you can prepare smoothies, pancakes and even burgers to restore your hunger bar, so you will then find a list of all the food cooking recipes in the game. Lego Fortnite.

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When exploring the big world, you will find many types of berries, vegetables, and baked goods if you are lucky. All this food replenishes your health and helps you avoid hunger. Below, we’ll share information on how to find and cook all the recipes.


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Lego Fortnite: All Cooking Recipes

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You should carry a lot of food in your backpack because it will come in handy. in Lego FortniteYou often feel hungry, which is why you should have something to chew in your pocket. Let’s take a look at how each food is introduced Lego Fortnite:

How to get each food

  • corn: In the pastures.
  • an egg: It is obtained from petting chickens.
  • Meat: Dropped by cows, sheep, wolves, chickens, and sometimes spiders.
  • Milk: A cow drops it if you pet it.
  • squash: In the pastures.
  • raspberry: In the pastures.
  • Slap Perry: On the beaches.
  • hot pepper: In the bio-sand area.
  • cheese: Random loot in chests.
  • Snow Berry: In permafrost.


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All food cooking recipes

All recipes in Lego Fortnite They require different crafting stations, and now we’ll take a look at what they’re responsible for. First, follow the guide to find out what dishes you can prepare using the juicer:


He drinks Material Effects
Slap juice 2x Raspberry Slap Adds 3 additional hearts, cures 5 hunger, and increases stamina for 2 minutes
Slurp juice 2x Raspberries + 2x Slurp Mushrooms Regenerates health by overtime for 5 minutes, and cures 5 hunger
Snowberry shake 2x snowberries + 1x milk Heals 12 hearts and 5 hunger, and increases heat resistance for 10 minutes


food Material Effects
bread 2x flour + 2x eggs Heals 10 hearts and 10 hunger
Meat pie 1x flour + 1x meat + 1x egg Heals 20 hearts and 20 hunger, and adds 4 temporary hearts
Pumpkin pie 1x flour + 1x pumpkin Heals 10 health, 20 hunger, and increases stamina for 2 minutes
Fruit pie 1x flour + 1x raspberries + 3x snowberries + 3x raspberries Heals 15 health and 8 hunger, and increases stamina for 2 minutes
Pizza 2x flour + 1x meat + 3x hot pepper + 1x cheese Heals 25 health points and grants 5 temporary additional hearts


food Material Effects
Roast beef 1x meat Heals 2 hearts and 8 hunger
Corn in the cup 1x corn Heals 3 hearts, 5 hunger, and increases stamina for 2 minutes
Fried Eggs 2x eggs Heals 5 hearts and 8 hunger, and increases stamina for 2 minutes
Spicy burger 1x flour + 1x meat + 1x hot pepper Adds 4 additional hearts, heals 10 hunger, and increases cold resistance for 10 minutes


July 25, 2017

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