Arby’s is adding deer and elk meat to its new burger

Kate Skinner and Nexstar Media Wire

5 days ago

A fast food chain that claims to “own the meat” is taking that claim to new heights.

Arby’s announced its newest product on Tuesday: the Big Game Burger, which features a patty made with 34% venison, 33% elk, and 33% ground beef. The burger is topped with fried onions, pickles, Swiss cheese and dark cherry steak sauce, the chain said in a press release.

To go along with the launch of the new menu item, the company also announced a trip to the Colorado Rockies for an Arby’s Hike-Thru on The Big Game Burger Trail, ending at what the company calls “the furthest Arby’s in the world.” ”

Outdoor enthusiasts who arrive first are invited to hike through the wilderness and enjoy a free Big Game Burger at the end, according to the company.

“Arby’s has long been known for our meat expertise, and we’re taking it to the next level — literally — with our unique new Big Game Burger combination,” said Ellen Rose, chief marketing officer at Arby’s. .

Those who want to try the burger without the hike can use Arby’s location finder on their website — but note that the burger is only available for a limited time.

This isn’t the first time Arby’s has offered venison on the menu. In 2017, the chain introduced the sandwich to select locations for a very short period, and the evolution of the sandwich took place here, according to the announcement.

Arby’s is a global restaurant chain with locations across the United States — excluding Rhode Island and Vermont — as well as in Canada, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Mexico, South Korea, and of course, Turkey.

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