Arrest: First arrest made for assault at snack center – Kolkata News | Kolkata News

Arrest: First arrest made for assault at snack center – Kolkata News |  Kolkata News

KOLKATA: Bidhannagar police have made their first arrest on charges of assaulting five women near a snack bar off EM Bypass a day after Diwali. The women were out on a car ride and had snacks after a Diwali gathering. They were allegedly beaten by a group of slum dwellers. Arun Majumdar (50) was arrested from his home in Dotabad after policemen spotted him in CCTV footage. “It took us some time to identify the assailants because the complainants did not name anyone in their complaint. The man was spotted in the CCTV footage and his description also matches the statements of the victims,” said a senior Bidhannagar police officer. Finding a place to relieve themselves in a dark alley Behind a popular food center near Ultadanga Bridge – Lake Town when they were attacked by a group of residents claiming that they were urinating in front of their homes. Along with the five girls, two of them were arrested and male friends and the father of one of the girls were injured. Two separate complaints were registered in this case – One was filed by girls and the other by slum residents with similar allegations of assault, harassment and theft.
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Slum dwellers beat up five girls for eating snacks at Bypass restaurant

A group of slum dwellers allegedly attacked five girls in Kolkata after they were unable to find a public toilet. The girls stopped to eat and tried to relieve themselves in a dark alley when they were beaten by locals. The girls and their friends were injured and had to seek help from passing cars and the police. Slum residents also filed a complaint alleging that girls relieve themselves outside their homes. So far no arrests have been made.

Bypass snack center resumes business after two days of brawling but little attendance

Most of the snack bars near a flyover in Kolkata have reopened after a group beat up five girls who were visiting the area. The incident occurred after local residents protested against the girls trying to find a place to relieve themselves. The area, known for its fast food restaurants and late-night gatherings, closed its doors on Tuesday evening. The incident sparked controversy about the lack of sympathy among local youth towards girls. Although the joints reopened, visitor numbers remained low, but locals were hopeful that life would return to normal soon.

CCTV footage shows a 77-year-old man died after being assaulted

The death of a retired laboratory assistant in Bengaluru is now being investigated as a murder after CCTV footage revealed that he was assaulted by two people in a road rage incident. It was initially believed that 77-year-old Krishnappa had suffered an accidental fall, but the footage showed a person with a motorcycle blocking him and starting a confrontation that escalated into a violent assault. Krishnappa later died of his injuries. The police formed a special team to arrest the attackers. Krishnappa’s family declined to comment on the ongoing investigation.

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