Arsenal numbers for Saturday 30 September 2023

Arsenal numbers for Saturday 30 September 2023

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The winning Powerball numbers are in the Saturday, September 30 drawing with the jackpot reaching an estimated $960 million ($441.4 million cash value). It’s the fourth-largest jackpot in Powerball history, according to the Powerball website.

Powerball winning numbers

The winning numbers from the draw on Saturday, September 30 are: 19, 30, 37, 44 And 46. It was Powerball 22. It was a Power Play multiplier 2x.

Has anyone won the Powerball jackpot?

No ticket matched the winning Powerball numbers drawn Saturday. The jackpot is now worth $1.04 billion ($478.2 million cash value).

When is the next Powerball drawing?

The next Powerball drawing will be Monday, October 2. Drawings are held at 10:59pm every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

How long can you buy a Powerball ticket?

In Michigan, ticket sales are available in stores and online until 9:45 PM on drawing night.

How much does it cost to play Powerball?

Powerball costs $2 to play. For an extra dollar per play, the Power Play feature can multiply non-jackpot jackpots by two, three, four, five or 10 times.

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What are the Powerball jackpots?

The complete guide to gains is:

  • Match 5 White Balls + Arsenal: Jackpot
  • Match 5 white balls: $1 million
  • Matching 4 white balls + Arsenal: $50,000
  • Match 4 white balls: $100
  • Match 3 white balls + powerball: $100
  • Match 3 white balls: $7
  • Match 2 white balls + Arsenal: $7
  • Match 1: White Ball + Arsenal: $4
  • Arsenal match: $4
  • Matching 5 white balls with a Power Play: $2 million
  • Matching 4 white balls + Powerball with Power Play: $200,000
  • Matching 4 white balls with power play: $400
  • Match 3 white balls + Powerball with Power Play: $400
  • Match 3 white balls with Power Play: $28
  • Match 2 White Balls + Powerball with Power Play: $28
  • Match 1: White Ball + Arsenal with Power Play: $16
  • Powerball match with Power Play: $16

What are the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot?

The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million.

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How do I find the winning numbers in Powerball?

Powerball drawings are broadcast live every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59pm from the Florida Lottery’s drawing studio in Tallahassee. Drawings are also streamed live on Winning numbers are posted on the Powerball and Michigan Lottery websites.

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