Steve Marshall is impressive both locally and internationally.

Marshall was a baseball standout at Atlantic City High School and Yale University, and a major league-level talent.

Marshall is the owner of The Water Dog Smoke House in Ventnor and Betty’s Seafood Shack in Margate City.

One quality personal quality that Marshall possesses that I appreciate the most is his respect and sense of history.

When Marshall was growing up, he had a great appreciation for Lou’s Restaurant in Ventnor.

Lou’s was known for its signature corned beef. They were piled high, with only the best ingredients.

When Marshall became a restaurateur, he created a tribute to this famous sandwich at The Water Dog, naming it “The Lou’s.”

See directly below, here it is:

Photo by Steve Marshall.

Photo by Steve Marshall.

Just look at that. Here’s the fascinating story behind Marshall’s perfect recreation:

About 50 years ago, Marshall’s parents took him to Lou’s Restaurant in Ventnor. He loved it and added his interpretation of this classic sandwich to his own restaurant, “The Water Dog.”

It’s a half-pound of lean corned beef, served with a choice of Thousand Island or Dusseldorf mustard, plus a pile of house-made coleslaw. It comes with pickled radishes and is piled high, as you can see in the photo directly above.

“It’s the same as before,” Marshall told us.

I grew up or lived in Atlantic City via Facebook.

I grew up or lived in Atlantic City via Facebook.

I love it when a great worker today is willing to show respect and tip his hat to those who helped pave the way for him.

Marshall did just that with The Lou’s.

Good appetite.

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