Australia wins major title in 2023 World Steak Challenge

Australia wins major title in 2023 World Steak Challenge

Australian producer Jack Crick took home the award for his grain-fed Wagyu Black Angus Cross steak, which was also named World’s Best Steak and World’s Best Grain-fed Steak as well as Best Steak in Oceania.

Jack Creek cattle are bred and raised on the natural pastures surrounding the willow trees of central New South Wales. They are then finished with a mixture of grain, hay and silage.

Itoham Yonekyu Holdings won the World’s Best Wagyu and Asia’s Best Steak awards for its A5 Wagyu steak from the Japanese Black Cattle (Kurogi Washu) breed, while the World’s Best Rib Eye award went to Alliance Group for its 55-day-aged prime rib. , with the company also claiming the title of best grass-fed steak in the world.

The best fillet steak in the world and the best steak in Europe were a 28-day-aged Norrland steak from the German Rotponte breed and a Charolais/Limousine from the Danish Crown.

The Best Steak in South America was a Rib Eye from Azul Natural Beef with a Creekstone Farms Black Angus Wet Aged Rib Eye Steak chosen as the Best Steak in North America.

List of winners of the World Steak Challenge

  • Best steak in the world, best steak in Oceania and best sirloin: Australian Jack Creek Wagyu steak
  • Best Steak in Asia and Best Wagyu Steak in the World: Ito Wagyu A5+ Japanese Sirloin Steak – Itoham Yonekyu Holdings
  • The best steak in Europe and the best fillet steak in the world: Norrland Hever German Fillet – The Danish Crown
  • Best North American Steak: Creekstone Farms Rib Eye Steak from the USA
  • Best Steak in South America: Signature Argentinian Rib Eye Steak – Azul Natural Beef
  • Best Ribeye Steak in the World: 55-Day-Aged Ribeye from New Zealand – Alliance Group
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