Beef knuckle in a slow cooker – How to cook a beef knuckle in a slow cooker

Beef knuckle in a slow cooker – How to cook a beef knuckle in a slow cooker

Slowly cooking a piece of meat is our easiest trick to ensuring a tender and flavorful roast dinner. Your friends and family will ask you for the recipe when you try this recipe. Plus, we’ve got some helpful tips and ideas to ensure your beef is a success this holiday season.

It’s obvious, but braising beef frees up the oven, meaning you don’t have to worry about taking up oven space. You’ll usually need a double oven, or have to wait until the joint comes out and rest to cook the rest of the meal, but with our easy slow cooker recipe, you can roast your vegetables, Make Yorkshire puddings and prepare your own roast, without having to set a time plan for yourself.

Another reason we love using the slow cooker is that the beef is ready when you are. With traditional roasting, timing is crucial, but with a slow cooker, there’s a much larger window of time to get all the sides ready, which makes you less stressed.

We’ve made everything super easy for this recipe, by skipping the step where you have to brown the meat beforehand, which saves time and effort and is great for roast dinner starters.

Did you know that you can prepare gravy using the cooking juices in the slow cooker while you cook this joint of beef? Follow the tips below to create the easiest broth ever.

We’ve got some top tips to make this roast go further.

• Heat some oil or beef drippings in a large frying pan over high heat, then fry the beef pieces covered in mustard on all sides until browned and leave them aside.

• Saute the vegetables in the empty beef skillet until golden (they don’t need to be fully cooked), then place them in the slow cooker and place the browned beef on top.

• Add a splash of red wine, beer, stock or water to the empty pan, bring to a boil, then scrape any residue from the bottom of the pan. Place this in the slow cooker and then proceed with the rest of the recipe as written below.

The caramelized meat and vegetables and hydrolyzed alcohol mixture will add extra flavor to the cooking liquid and result in a deeper-colored broth.

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