Best chicken pot pie recipe

Best chicken pot pie recipe

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Cut the onion into cubes with some carrots and celery, then put them in a pot with a little butter over medium heat.

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Stir the vegetables and cook for 3 to 4 minutes, until they begin to soften.

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Then add the cooked poultry whether it’s chicken or turkey! I like to have a mix of white and dark meat cut into large pieces.

You can obtain meat using one of the following methods:

* Boil the entire chopped pan for 25-30 minutes. Remove the pieces of meat and let them cool until you can handle them, then remove all the meat from the bones with two forks.

*Eat a huge Thanksgiving dinner and wrap up the leftover turkey.

* Grill the chicken in the oven and cut the meat.

* Buy Dang Grilled Chicken from Dang Supermarket and enjoy it daily.

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Mix the chicken with vegetables and leave until cooked.

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Then sprinkle a little flour over the entire surface of the dough. Add the flour and let it soak into the vegetable/meat mixture and cook for another minute or so…

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Then pour in some chicken broth! (You can also drizzle a little wine at this point, which I absolutely love, but I don’t usually do that because the five people I live with don’t like the flavor of wine. Please feel sorry for me. Thank you.)

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Add the broth and let the mixture cook and thicken for a few minutes.

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Add a little salt and pepper…

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A little turmeric…

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A little chopped fresh thyme (or parsley…or whatever you like!)

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Then move it around. Give it a taste and add more spices of your choice.

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I like to add a little half-and-half or heavy cream for a little creamy richness. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Finally, let the mixture boil until it’s nice and thick, then set it aside for a second. (If it becomes too thick, just add a little more broth.)

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Then spread the dough on a floured surface…

(Or get a store-bought pie crust. I’m the last person on Earth who will judge you.)

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Pour the pie mixture into a serving dish…

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And smoothen the surface.

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I fold the pie crust in half to make it more mobile, then place it on top of the plate…

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We open it so that it covers everything.

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I’m all about being rustic, so I just press the edges onto the sides of the casserole dish. If it doesn’t stick, just use a little bit of the egg wash I’m getting ready to show you.

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Use the knife to make small slits all over the surface of the dough.

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– After that, mix an egg with a little water and whisk it with a fork…

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Then dip it in the brush…

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Brush the face with egg yolk.

(Note: It helps to have the pie filling cooled slightly before assembling the pie so the crust doesn’t get as mushy as it is here. But I have an impatience problem.)

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Then – and this is very important – put it in the oven, walk away, forget about it completely, and come dangerously close to burning the crust.

But only if you want to be like me.

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amazing. That was a really close call, man!

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But guess what?

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It was absolutely delicious and delicious.

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Honestly, if there’s anything better than pot pie, I haven’t found it yet.

A real staple for fall and winter, baby!

(Sorry I called you baby.)

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