Best of Houston® 2023: Best of late night

Best of Houston® 2023: Best of late night

Best late night: Frank’s PizzaLate Night there are names like Carson, Conan and Colbert. In Houston, Frank is the big name synonymous with late night. This New York-style pizzeria in downtown Houston has been the city’s after-hours slice for years. Once the weekend arrives, expect to see or be seen lining up post-show patrons, looking for some cheesy, ready-made, foldable food.

The perfect bite of any food really comes down to two things. Flavor, which Frank’s Pizza has in abundance on a diverse menu that includes more than just pizza (but, come on — you want pizza at 2 a.m., right?), and availability. The most exquisite morsel in the world means nothing if it’s locked away so we can’t enjoy it when we really need it – after midnight. At Frank’s, you can get that perfect bite until 3 a.m. on weekends, but it’s also a good option for lunch or dinner, in-store or via delivery. Conan and Colbert can keep up the laughs, because late night is a serious (and very delicious) thing at Frank’s.

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