Best pigs in a blanket recipe

Best pigs in a blanket recipe

We know what you might be thinking: I’ve put pigs in a blanket a million times before. While this party appetizer may seem straightforward, our recipe really nails it. We’ve added an extra ingredient to this last minute app that may seem basic, but actually takes this recipe into account in our book. Whether you make it completely classic or with a creative twist, follow our top tips to top this essential snack for all your get-togethers, from a Christmas party to a New Year’s Eve celebration.

How to make the best big things into a blanket:
Our secret to taking Pigs in a Blanket from good to great? Sprinkling coarse salt on top gives these bites an extra boost of flavour. Reminiscent of another of our favorite snacks – homemade pretzels. However, you don’t have to stop at just a pinch of salt. We’re big fans of garnishing our bagels with seasoning (like all these bagel dogs) or brushing them with garlic butter before baking. Alternatively, sprinkle with some poppy seeds, sesame seeds (black and white will make a great presentation), granulated onions, or grated Parmesan. These little guys are kind of a blank slate, ready to be topped with any of your favorite seasonings!

What can I use instead of crescent paste?
There’s something very classic about crescent dough, so we tend to gravitate to it, but puff pastry or even cookie dough would work well for this recipe. If you are using puff pastry, make sure to give it enough time to thaw, since you usually buy it frozen.

Can I use sausage for pigs in a blanket?
good news! You can completely Use regular sausages for pigs in a blanket. Just cut the sausages into quarters and continue with the recipe as is. You can also use different types of sausage: try spicy andouille sausage or herbed chicken sausage. Just make you buy the pre-cooked stuff.

Best dipping sauces for serving:
When it comes to sauces, nothing beats good mustard. Other dipping options include (but are not limited to) ketchup, aioli, BBQ sauce, or even ranch dressing.

Make them? Let us know how it went in the comments section below!

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