Buffalo wings recipe | Epicurius

Buffalo wings recipe |  Epicurius

An American institution surrounded by hot legends, it’s hard to pinpoint the Buffalo wings recipe that started the game day and night. According to one origin story, the owner of the Anchor Bar restaurant in Buffalo invented hot wings sometime in the 1960s. Faced with hungry customers and a refrigerator full of chicken wings, Teresa Bellissimo fried them in melted butter and her husband Frank’s chili sauce (yes, Which Frank), and voila: buffalo sauce. Others credit Wings n’ Things, a staple of that city — around the same time, owner John Young reportedly began serving fried chicken wings with mombo sauce, a tangy Washington, D.C., condiment. But that wasn’t the first time someone had cooked crunchy food Buffalo wings; An 1857 menu from the city’s Clarendon Hotel included a dish of fried chicken wings (no word on whether the kitchen served them with ranch dressing or blue cheese).

Buffalo chicken wing recipes endure because they’re easy and adaptable: Sprinkle hot (or sweet) smoked paprika over the wings to give them an extra kick (or earthy sweetness). Coat boneless wings or drums in spicy Buffalo Wing sauce, or serve a whole chicken with the spicy sauce on the side for dipping. Instead of the usual seasoning, stir garlic powder or celery salt into Greek yogurt to act as a cooling accompaniment. Not in the mood for deep frying? This no-bake recipe offers the option of grilling the wings, but you can also make an air fryer approximation or break out a sheet pan for oven-baked buffalo wings. Heat leftover cooked wings on a wire rack inside a baking tray in the oven, or eat them cold straight from the fridge while everyone focuses on the Super Bowl.

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