Butterball Turkey Hotline is back with Thanksgiving cooking tips

Butterball Turkey Hotline is back with Thanksgiving cooking tips

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Are you nervous about cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving? Don’t worry, Butterball has you covered.

As part of an annual tradition, Butterball’s Turkey Talk Line is once again taking calls, texts and emails from those with questions about their turkey.

Need help this holiday? Here’s where to find answers to your turkey questions.

How to contact Butterball’s “Turkey Talk-Line”.

You can call the Turkish Talk Line at 800-288-8372 (800-BUTTERBALL), text 844-877-3456 or email, although Butterball warns that email responses may be delayed during peak business hours. Holidays.

Talk-Line will help you with the best ways to roast and grill a turkey, as well as ways to handle your bird, including:

  • How to choose Türkiye.
  • How to defrost a frozen turkey.
  • How to stuff a turkey.
  • How to pickle a turkey.
  • How to inject a turkey.
  • How to season a turkey.

Join the Butterball Turkey Hotline

The Kitchen Help Hotline was launched by Butterball in 1981.

The hotline has grown from relatively humble beginnings — just six people answered 11,000 phone calls that first year — to a 50-person call center offering assistance in English and Spanish, according to the company’s website.

Butterball says it answers more than 100,000 questions every November and December.

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Turkey hotline calls are unforgettable over the years

Here are some of the most memorable phone calls over the years that Butterball previously shared with USA TODAY:

  • A mother came home from work to find her husband thawing a frozen turkey in the bathtub while simultaneously washing the children.
  • A woman called the Talk-Line whispering her questions. When asked to speak, the bride-to-be explained that she was hiding in the closet from her mother-in-law, who was trying to convince her.
  • The homeowner panicked because his oven was too small to cook the turkey. Eventually he was able to “rent” one from a tenant for $25. He thought he’d have to interrupt them every 10 minutes to drop the order, but he called the Talk-Line to learn that Butterball’s turkeys come pre-cooked.
  • A woman lost her power an hour after cooking her turkey and called the Talk-Line. The hotline talked her through moving the turkey to a gas grill to continue cooking. What is the reason for the outage? The caller’s neighbor hit a power line while hang gliding.

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