Cat Finance Chronicles: Inspector Pies – The Early Days

Cat Finance Chronicles: Inspector Pies – The Early Days

Campaign ends: November 24
platform: Windows, Game Boy Color (including emulators).

Hello RPG friends, and welcome to another edition of Catfunding Chronicles! Today’s fun toy option for cats is Inspector Pies: The Early Daysintroduced for 2021 Inspector PiesPoint-and-click game. In an unexpected (but exciting) departure from the original, this remake takes the form of a top-down pixel adventure designed for the Game Boy Color. Wow and meow!

Donning his coat, Little Waffles is a rookie inspector trying to prove himself to his fellow cats. Meet the adorable furry cast, including your partner Pancakes, a hotshot detective who easily outsmarts the idiot at the local police station. While it is an introduction to the first Inspector PiesYou can play the games in any order, but fans of the original should pay close attention to familiar faces; Maybe even your future enemy!

Immerse yourself in a crime-solving career through five cases (one in each chapter), including the tragic disappearance of a video game cartridge. Enjoy light point-and-click elements, question suspects and witnesses, search for clues, and solve puzzles in the charming game world filled with animals. To finish the case, report back to Pancakes and answer some tough questions about what you’ve learned to identify the criminal today!

althoug Inspector Pies: The Early Days Developed for the Game Boy Color, there will also be options for Steam, itch, and various emulators. Many pledge levels will include an actual GBC cartridge along with a stylish vintage box, and backers can also get their feet wet on a Big Box version of the original Inspector Pies Computer game if they so choose. In the meantime, be sure to check out the pregame Steam page for a look at one of the best trailers I’ve seen. Featuring real cats!

This fun mystery adventure for cats recently met its original funding goal, with early stretch goals to add a new mini-game and more. While you wait for the full release, you can solve the first case with a brief demo, which can be played on Game Boy emulators or on an actual system using a flash cart.

Cats and puzzles seem to go hand in hand; In a multi-cat household, you may never really know which criminal mastermind knocked over your favorite mug or pulled down the curtains. Fortunately, you can sleep easier knowing that Inspector Waffles’ feline dilemmas have clear answers. He’s a respectable cat. Let’s help him fight crime!

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