Cinemark has debuted officially licensed popcorn buckets for opinion To help promote the release X sawbut it didn’t last long at all online.

Months after Cinemark releases Ghostface popcorn buckets for Sixth screamCinemark has revealed three exclusive collectibles for X saw Which has been made available for pre-order on the theater chain’s official website. The popcorn bucket is shaped like Billy the Doll’s head, making the popcorn inside look almost like discolored brains. Such strange thinking aside, horror fans were quick to latch on to the stuff, as pre-orders for the popcorn buckets were marked as sold out by the day after the announcement.


The price of a container of popcorn sold was $24.99. Its unique aspect was the ability to make the doll’s eyes glow red with the push of a button. It is also noted that the licensed product contains 130 ounces of popcorn or “your favorite movie snack.” While pre-orders were very quick to sell out, prompting many fans to express their disappointment on social media, it should be noted that Cinemark later produced more Sixth scream Popcorn buckets will sell out due to popular demand, and the same may happen with X saw Buckets.

Other products are still available

Currently, a 24-ounce beverage container with a similar design is still available for pre-order. It’s $5 cheaper than the popcorn bucket, at $19.99, but it doesn’t come with light-up eyes. Also available from Cinemark is an exclusive plush of Jigsaw’s Billy the Puppet, which is perhaps the most adorable version of the character ever created. The plush, which stands eight inches tall, is currently available for pre-order.

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Directed by Kevin Greutert X sawWritten by Peter Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg. In the film, Tobin Bell returns as John Kramer, also known as the Jigsaw Killer, with the story taking place between Parts 1 and 2. opinion films. This time, Jigsaw is introduced as the protagonist, as the story follows John Kramer traveling to Mexico in hopes of obtaining an experimental treatment to cure his cancer. When he realizes it’s all a scam, he uses his deadly traps to teach the crooks a lesson they’ll never forget… if they survive the game.

X saw It will premiere in theaters on September 29, 2023 PAW Patrol: The Great Movie.

Source: Cinemark

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