This is the thing that is every driver’s nightmare. A man driving a transport truck on Route 11 in Maine saw a tree fall into the road and the next thing he knew, the top of the tree was sticking out through his windshield.

Firstly, everyone is fine. Luckily! This could have been much worse.

According to Maine State Police in a post on its Facebook page, an Ohio man was heading south on Route 1 at Morrow Plantation in Aroostook County, west of Holton, on Saturday in gusty conditions from Tropical Storm Lee.

The driver saw a tree falling in front of him and tried to stop the truck, but it was too late. The top of the tree went through the truck’s windshield, breaking off from the inside. The driver had five passengers with him, none of whom were seriously injured. The driver suffered some minor injuries.

Fortunately everyone is okay because if the timing had been a little later it could have been tragic.

This is a good reminder when storms with high winds like Nor’Easters, tropical storms and hurricanes hit the state and winds blow where you want to travel, it’s best to stay home and off the roads until the storm passes.

It’s not often that we experience storms like mine here in Maine. The last two major tropical storms I remember were Bob in 1991 and Gloria in 1985 and they downed a lot of trees, so it’s easy to forget how dangerous it is to be out in those conditions.

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