College of DuPage hosted its 24th Annual Easter Photography Exhibition on Saturday, September 16, in the Student Services Center lobby. The exhibition was a collaboration between eastseals Dupage & Fox Valley, a local non-profit organization that helps support children with disabilities and their families, and photography students and alumni at the College of Dupage.

Photos show children receiving services at eastseals dupage & fox valley. Photographers participating in the exhibition are Oleksandra Solonenko, Chris Howes, Missy Gallagher, Rebecca Morrison, Thomas Haslett, Ricardo Gallegos, Kristan Wozniak, Marita Blanken, Molly Gardner, Rich Howe, Carlene Rich, Adriana Carbonara, Juan Rhodes, Barbara Overland, Devon. Barnes, Jason Corey, Mary Bullius, and Jack Krieger.

For more information about Easter, see their website.

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