Cooking Mysteries: Your Thanksgiving Problems, Solved

Cooking Mysteries: Your Thanksgiving Problems, Solved

Answer: In my humble opinion, skip the turkey for something smaller and better. Determine your sides too – but make sure they’re all suitable for use beforehand for one important reason.

For large Thanksgiving gatherings, it’s easy (if a little frustrating) to sneak into the kitchen and cook without being noticed or missed, really. But for a small, intimate group, connecting with your guests in a meaningful way should be your first priority, along with making sure you’re not preparing a mountain of food that you won’t come close to finishing.

In order to achieve this, choose a few dishes that taste great when prepared in advance, and won’t require you to tend to them while reheating:

• To start, prepare some snacks (chips, crackers, veggies) with dips ahead of time no It must be reheated.

• Unless you’re a Thanksgiving fan, choose smaller, easier-to-manage roast chickens to reduce food waste. If you are We are Thanksgiving purist, choose the turkey breast instead of the whole bird. (But listen, if it were me, I’d rather eat leftover roast chicken.)

• Most importantly, choose no more 3 to 4 side dishes you can prepare in advance, even if the restriction is killing you. Something ready-made (like plain stuffing or cornbread), something with potatoes (preferably mashed, for easy reheating and eating in the microwave), something fresh and green (like refried green beans that you can stir together just before serving), and a wildcard that can be easily reheated In the oven or do not need to be reheated at all.

• Align on one circle, and one circle only. I know it’s hard.

If you follow the formula above, you’ll reduce your food waste while ultimately spending more time with the people you actually want to socialize with on Thanksgiving… instead of babysitting 14 different side dishes that will eventually get hidden away as leftovers. It may or may not be accessible.

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