Home cook, recipe developer and content creator Sarah Kirschen has joined The Morning Show kitchen to make crispy feta eggs.

Fried eggs with crispy feta and nduja (or pesto)

Ingredients: enough for one person –

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1 egg

70 grams of crumbled feta

1 teaspoon spices (or pesto)

Half an avocado, cut into slices

A wedge of lemon

1 tortilla or slice of toasted dough

road –

Gently fry the n’djoa in a pan for 2 minutes then add the crumbled feta in a circle, leaving room in the middle for the egg to come out.

Note: If you are using pesto instead, add the pesto after crumbling the feta and then follow the same process.

Once the feta is added, crack an egg into the center of the pan. Place the lid on and fry over medium heat for about 2 minutes until the egg is cooked and the feta is crispy. To ensure the feta turns out delicious and crispy, remove the lid to allow any additional moisture to evaporate.

When crispy and cooked, use a spatula to gently slide the egg onto a wrapper or piece of toasted sourdough.

Add some avocado, lemon juice, fresh herbs or cayenne pepper.

Burst the yolk and eat it! This spicy little number will be your favorite from now on!

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