While chip manufacturers insist that the air in the chip bag is meant to keep the chips fresh and cushion them during transport, customers are not so sure. According to TikTokers, major snack producers are finding any way possible to reduce the amount of product an individual actually gets for their money.

For example, many Internet users measured bags of chips only to discover that they weigh much less than they claim. Others simply noticed the small amount of chips they received in their potato chip bags, from the bag being half empty, to only receiving 5 Doritos in the bag, to receiving no chips at all.

Now, a TikTok user has gone viral after calling out Frito-Lay for providing a tiny amount of popcorn in their Smartfood popcorn bags.

@itschesley I think we were robbed. #fritolay #inflation #oliveranthony #dopleganger @Jrc280rem @Oliver Anthony ♬ original audio – Oliver Anthony

In a video with over 1.4 million views, TikTok user Chesley Cantrell (@itschesley) shows her husband emptying several individual bags of Smartfood popcorn into a mixing bowl. Each bag contains only a few popcorn kernels, although popcorn is cheap to produce.

“I know grocery stores are getting stingy, but this is ridiculous,” says Cantrell’s husband, cutting individual bags of popcorn from a box of 50. “Out of 50 bags, I think I got one,” he later adds.

Cantrell’s husband also points out that returning the piece is difficult, requiring a round trip down the mountain.

“I think we were robbed,” Cantrell wrote in the caption.

Cantrell then posted another video saying that Frito-Lay and Smartfood had sent her merchandise to make up for the popcorn shortage — however, she needed to pay to receive it.

@itschesley Lol now I have to pay money to get my coupons! 🤯🤯 @Jrc280rem #fritolay #update #fyp #inflation #oliveranthony ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

Eventually, Cantrell received the goods. It included several pieces of Frito-Lay merchandise as well as a large amount of Smartfood popcorn bags.

“Thanks!!! @Frito-Lay,” Cantrell wrote in a comment.

@itschesley It’s the apron for me. #fritolay #followup #fyp #update ##inflation #smartfoodpopcorn #oliveranthonymusic @Jrc280rem @Oliver Anthony ♬ Aint Gotta Dollar Written by Oliver Anthony – Oliver Anthony

While Cantrell’s issue may have been resolved, others in the comments section have reported similar issues with Frito-Lay products.

“Yes, we got 50 bags, and 8 of them were completely empty,” one user said.

“@Frito-Lay keeps offering less in every way except raising their prices! A party sized bag is not enough for a party!! Shout again.”

“My 11-year-old mom said, ‘Don’t get me bags of smart food,’ and I said why did he say I only get 3 popcorn kernels,” one TikToker recalls. “…I believe him now after this video wow.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Frito-Lay via email and to Cantrell via Instagram direct messages.

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*First published: September 19, 2023 at 9:05 a.m. CDT

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