Deco’s Alex Miranda Gets Cheesy with Thanksgiving Meal Recipe – WSVN 7News | Miami news, weather, sports

Deco’s Alex Miranda Gets Cheesy with Thanksgiving Meal Recipe – WSVN 7News |  Miami news, weather, sports

There’s a holiday between Christmas and Halloween in case you forgot. It’s called Thanksgiving.

My appetite never goes away, and neither do all the talented family chefs out there in SoFlo. Deco Alex Miranda is not one of them.


Let’s be honest, the only thing we all care about is mashed potatoes. So this year, I’ve got you covered with something cheesy. And by once, I actually mean, you know, Parmesan.

Happy Turkish Day.

Alex Miranda: Is there cheese on my face? “Haha.”

On the menu at Miranda’s family home this year. Yes, the family home, not mine, because my kitchen is very small.

Some recipes for baked mashed potatoes with Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs. I don’t know. I got it from the Food Network website. Thank you Giada De Laurentiis.

Alex Miranda: “Preparation time is 20 minutes, cooking time is 35 minutes. Quick test: How long does it take to put it all together? Fine. Step one: easy enough. Set the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and do not burn the house.

Step 2: Peel four pounds of russet potatoes.

Alex Miranda: “Which scrub do we think is best? Probably the biggest, right?”

I mean, unless you’ve got the move right.

Alex Miranda: “You know, when you are.”

After complete immortality…

Alex Miranda: “Have you ever noticed that a bowl can be a mirror if you look closely?”

Boil potatoes in boiling water.

Then wait about 20 minutes.

Alex Miranda: “What is the meaning of life anyway? I mean, what are we really doing here? And did Jada and Will really break up or did she cheat on him? Why does Britney like knives so much? Oh my God, potatoes.”

I wouldn’t call this tender yet.

Alex Miranda: “This looks like a brick.”

Maybe Britney was onto something.


Alex Miranda: “It needs butter.”

Mix melted butter, milk, cheese and salt. Now, grinding this pepper reminds me of…

Alex Miranda: “This is an exceptional Italian restaurant. It’s called Olive Garden.”

I could only dream. Transfer the potatoes to a greased baking tray. Then add the bread crumbs and more cheese.

Alex Miranda: “Okay, here we go. This is where the magic happens.”

For 20 minutes no less.

Alex Miranda: “Ta-ta-ta-da.”

Turns out he needed an extra five minutes of magic.

Alex Miranda: “Does it look like the baking process is finished?”

But the smell? 10 out of 10.

Alex Miranda: “I hope you can smell it. He’s trying.”

Just please don’t taste it.

Alex Miranda: “I’m satisfied. It tastes great. Tastes okay. And we should all be so thankful for the food in front of us. I’m so grateful for my family, for my friends, for Lyn and Shirin, for my health, and for all of you who see Deco driving by every day, sometimes. Whatever “We love you for that. Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Thanksgiving… No.”

Halloween Festival. It was my Spanish joke. Before the timer ruins it.

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