Dorm Friends Dinner Classics You need that break

Dorm Friends Dinner Classics You need that break

I remember my first Friendsgiving when I was in first year. We were all huddled together in my friend’s small kitchen on Third Avenue North, cooking in shifts without the right ingredients or pots and pans. After a few tiring hours of work, our group of friends was complete. We had some side dishes like mashed potatoes, and dessert in the form of one too many cookies, but we lacked basic Thanksgiving essentials like a large turkey or any form of vegetables.

But don’t worry, I won’t let you repeat the same mistakes I made at the previous Friendsgivings party.

If you’re not heading home for the Thanksgiving holiday, that doesn’t mean you have to forego a shared meal. Here are five house-friendly dishes you need to host the perfect dinner for your friends.

Mashed potatoes

Frozen mashed potatoes at Trader Joes. (Qianshan Weng for WSN)

No Thanksgiving meal is complete without some type of potato on the table. Whether you prefer mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, or baked potatoes, you can’t go wrong. If you need a quick and easy way to prepare it, try our Instant Pot Mashed Potato Mix GoalWhere all you need is to add some water to the bag. Trader Joe’s Frozen Roasted Potatoes are another simple solution—the only step required is placing the bag in the microwave. Remember, if regular potatoes seem too boring, you can always add meat, garlic or cheese to your recipe

Mac and cheese

Several boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese sit side by side on the supermarket shelf among other products.
Kraft Mac and Cheese at Westside Market. (Qianshan Weng for WSN)

I’ve always been a big fan of pasta in any form. There are times when I crave ravioli or a plate of spaghetti, but nothing quite like pasta n Cheese – a classic dish that reminds me of home. When my mom decides to make a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese for lunch, I’ll be happy beyond belief. Now, you can help yourself achieve the same happiness by grabbing a box of macaroni cheese and topping it with milk and shredded cheese for extra cheesiness. And if you’re looking for a step up from the blue Kraft boxes, Trader Joe’s has a microwaveable meal, Joe’s Diner Four Cheese Mac ‘n’ Cheese that’s perfect for any friends meal.

Grilled chicken

Two rows of grilled chicken are placed on a shelf in a supermarket.
Grilled chicken at West Side Market. (Qianshan Weng for WSN)

I know the turkey is the official mascot of Thanksgiving, but getting an uncooked turkey from New York supermarkets seems like a daunting and frustrating task — and your roommate might not be happy about it. I don’t think anyone would ever be quite able to cook a turkey in their dorm kitchen, especially in a notoriously tiny apartment in New York City. It’s time to switch meats and stick to chicken, whether it’s pre-cooked from a package or a fully cooked rotisserie chicken from Westside Market — you’ll still get protein on the table. If anyone in your friend group is vegetarian or can’t eat certain types of meat, there are plenty of vegetarian meat and veggie options, like roasted Brussels sprouts or braised tofu. Everyone should have accessible protein options, and it’s time to move beyond traditional turkey.

Cranberry and apple salad

A white bowl of spinach, cranberries and apples sits on a table.
Cranberry and apple salad. (Alisha Goel for WSN)

Although this may seem like a sophisticated addition to the menu, the salad makes the perfect side as it can be modified endlessly to suit your personal taste. You can buy all the ingredients at Trader Joe’s and Target: a bag of spring mix, sweetened cranberries, sliced ​​almonds, an apple or two, and garlic-seasoned croutons. Don’t forget to buy your favorite dressing or vinaigrette to add to your salad after mixing all the ingredients together. When in doubt, a pre-made salad mix can also suffice. I’m sorry to say that even as adults, we need to have greens here and there. This Friendsgiving Day, we strive for a balanced diet.

Chocolate chip cookies

Six buckets of chocolate chip cookies stacked on a wooden rack.  Behind them is a black sign with writing on it
Chocolate chip cookies at Wegmans. (Qianshan Weng for WSN)

Pumpkin or apple pie may be the obvious choice for a dessert opening, but chocolate chip cookies serve their purpose just as well, if not better. If you have a reliable recipe for the perfect batch of cookies, I recommend buying a box of Oreos and making Oreo-filled chocolate chip cookies. Surround the Oreos with cookie dough, making sure the dough is tightly packed in a circular shape. Or, if you’re not familiar with your condo or apartment’s furnace, try a Mug cake recipe With minimal effort and cleanup. And if you don’t have time to preheat your oven, I especially recommend these fresh double chocolate chip cookies from Wegmans. Any cookie, no matter the flavor, will make a delicious addition to your collection of friends.

The options are endless when hosting a Friendsgiving, from a potluck style where everyone brings a store-bought dish to deciding that everyone should strive to be the cook for the evening with their own dishes. Simply select the date, time, and location and invite your friends. Ultimately, that’s the magic of celebrating Friendsgiving: surrounded by the friends you love, the New York City skyline and plates of food.

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